Natalie Portman

The collections of winter 2011 of grifes Brazilian are pretty. They are different of the last year not only for the new trends, but also because it seems that the estilistas had this year decided to change everything. The feminine clothes and dresses are super summer/spring, but also it has much part of winter. Still thus many item with the face of the summer exist. This everything because our winter is not very rigorous Well different of this, it is well pleasant and to few they leave you days with truth cold. Of remaining portion, to only place one cardig combining with shorts, bermudinha or then ' ' jogar' ' over the dresses of the fashion for winter, that also are super light soltinhos and. Another tip is the fine cintinhos, that had taken account of looks feminine. Of times for it is here rare to leave in the street and not to find a woman who does not use the benditos belts. They are well with long dresses, short dresses, with blouses larguinhas, blouses apertadinhas, cardigs over dresses or of t-shirts, meshes. It is a charm, super delicate. Saying of winter and cold, we remember film. It is always good for seeing them, but in the station most cold of the year it is better still. It would be better to rent and to attend in house, underneath of edredom, but to go to the cinema also is part of one of the programs gostosos of the winter. Being thus, two good tips: Black swan and Speech of the King. Not yet we arrive at the winter, but people already start to heat since already. Black swan: Beth MacIntyre (Winona Ryder), the first dancer of a company goes to retire and Sings to sleep (Natalie Portman) is with the rank, but it meets in serious internal problems, mainly with its mother (Barbarous Hershey). Pressured for Thomas Leroy (Vincent Cassel), very rigid artistic director, Sings to sleep starts to enxergar an unfair competition with some of its colleagues, mainly with Lilly (Mila Kunis). The film counts on Ballet, but the main focus is on madness. Valley to the penalty to go to the cinema and to see. The actress protagonist Natalie Portman received the Oscar from better actress in the sunday. Moreover, the film gained four Spirit prizes, an independent Oscar. Speech of the King: Since the four years, it he is stammering. George (Colin Firth), integrant of the real family has serious problems with this, since frequently he needs to make speeches. It is taken to some doctors, but always without success. When its wife, Elizabeth (Helena Bonham Carter) takes George to the therapist of says Lionel Logue (Geoffrey Rush), it places itself in the same position that George and beyond Lionel if to become psychologist, also becomes its friend. Thus, the challenges and exercise of the therapist help the heir of the throne to acquire autoconfiana to assume the crown, after the abdication of its brother, David (Guy Pearce). The film took the Oscar of Better Film.

Christian Louboutin

The day of preparations came and we already found who will take care of the wedding dress, however, we need choose what Bridal Shoes will accompany us throughout the night.We always talk take into account comfort, without forgetting the elegance, and this is how the selection becomes a little difficult. Most brides choose shoes with heels or stilotes. The trend is currently carry the famous ballerina and also use colored shoes by which decide us? the answer is simple, for those that you like and you feel them comfortable, so here a selection of designer Bridal Shoes: ballerina infantables today: the Ballerina returned and much fashion, girls are them prefer for their community and beautiful designs. There are also beautiful designs that can accommodate the style of wedding or type of dress for brides. Of course, if you’re a little low in stature, perhaps be much better to use a few heels that will make you look more slender. Mark PrettyBalerinas, It has a wide variety of designs for all occasions, you can review your website, perhaps has some model that interests you to use in your wedding.The Ballerina also can use with the dress for the ceremony, i.e. you can use your heels in the Church and then change them. Or also, the Ballerina are ideal for the moment Summit of the party at that moment that your feet do not already support the tacos, some cute ballerina style of ballet dancers will serve to continue dancing until dawn. A Bridal Shoes with heel if your style is rather elegant and refined, heels or estilotes will make you look beautiful. Here a Cocoroise Menbur design with beautiful ribbons with precious stones that adorn the bride shoes.If you marry in summer, these Sandals from Menbur Ariadna could go well with a satin dress of long tail. If your style is rather delicate and romantic, middle station with a beautiful bow sandals will be of interest to you. This model is Christian Louboutin.Bridal Shoes from Pura Lopez who designed shoes that Princess Letizia to your bod. This design is closed with Ribbon and fabric applications. I am of the idea that this shop shoes Online should carry the same type of fabric that you will use for your wedding gown. Oscar de la Renta bridal shoe, carries a cute Ribbon on rhinestones brooch to decorate the instep.Bridal shoe proposed by Pronovias, romantic style. It takes a delicate transparency and a slim heel. Bridal of color and why not? If the white combines with everything. Wear heels or ballerina of color with your wedding gown already is not unreasonable, is rather super in this fashion to give color to clothing and accessories. So if you’re very extroverted and fun color for your wedding shoes will come you brilliant. Don’t you see that look well these combinations? to my I love them, they look super fresh, comfortable and modern.Two proposals for shoes in red, the first image here are some heel sandals, with a cute white ribbon which can be combined with the dress wedding. Design of Enepe, valentine network for this 2011 model.