Neptune Festival

Now missing only the Trident, you can tinker also from cardboard and a broom style or cheap acquires in the kids party shop. It carries less risk of injury than if you would use a Pitchfork. When performing the Neptune Festival on a large lake or by the sea, is expected of course, that the God of the sea with a plenty decorated boat or raft ashore. He is accompanied by his Seejungfrauen or Meeresnixen which are costumed with many maritime symbols. Make-up of all performers, we recommend the special children makeup, which is available also in sparkling designs and designed specifically for children’s delicate skin. Baptism is the highlight of every Neptune Festival if you were ever in a summer camp or in the holiday camps and such a Festival of Neptune was carried out there, you know what crackling tension before the actual event there is. Everyone wondering who will probably baptized at this Neptune Festival. Usually be flashy Selected characters, you can provide due to your behavior also easily with a new sea typical name. (Sparkling starfish, whinnying seahorse”, slimy eel, etc.) Every baptised person receives a certificate, you must make in advance. So you could tinker with a weather the blanks for the certificate together with the children. The name entered but himself later by Neptune. Finally, yes the voltage should remain intact. In addition to the certificate of baptism the baptized children of course also for other great party bags as a reminder are grateful. During the actual baptism Neptune grabs out the previously selected children and young people from the audience. These must be by him now before the baptism ceremony thoroughly cleaned and shaved. To do this, the face with whipped cream is sprayed and shaved with a razor (made of cardboard). The actual process of baptism is then sealed with a more or less big load of water. Either squirts Neptune his new subjects fully or he throws him right into the water. Since all visitors of swimwear should apply at a Festival of Neptune, also nothing can happen. And at the end, certainly all other guests go swimming because they also get pleasure on a tangy dip.

Curacao North Sea Jazz Festival:

Enjoy the summer festival in the Caribbean event announcement and information to the Curacao North Sea Jazz Festival of the Festival summer 2012 includes a special spectacle that music lovers and Caribbean fans never miss. From 31 August to 01 September the Curacao North Festival is held already for the third time Sea Jazz. Since 2010 the high-profile Line-Up of the festival attracts throngs of visitors in the Piscadera Bay Curacao, coupled with the Caribbean zest for life and the uniqueness of the island. This year the performances by Alicia Keys, Carlos Santana and India.Arie guarantee an unforgettable musical experience. Already in the last weeks of August you can feel, like music and musicians conquer the Caribbean island. The Curacao North Sea Jazz Festival has of an insider’s tip to the institution developed rapidly. No wonder, because the Festival offers everything the heart desires: first-class appearances by international stars and music legends provide musical highlights and a varied programme offers visitors the finest, what the jazz -, Soul – R & B-, hip-hop and has to offer Latin music scene. The unique Festival experience Curacao is rounded off by the exotic and exuberant atmosphere. About the Line-Up are the Curacao North Sea Jazz Festival its big brother, the North Sea Jazz Festival in Rotterdam, now in nothing after. The performances by Alicia Keys and Carlos Santana promise to be that nobody should miss a terrific show. But even the appearance of a Latin legend Ruben Blades is expected to eagerly. Overall, Festival determine the program of the Curacao North Sea Jazz 17 bands and solo artists two full days long. Who loves soul, is by India.Arie, Jill Scott and Waylon enchant. Also jazz fans traditionally quite get their money. Jazz legends such as Marcus Miller or Dizzy Gillespie with his all-star Big Band meet here D’Rivera led by Paquito on upcoming jazz talents such as James farm, the band Joshua Redman or Caro Emerald. Dance enthusiasts can enjoy the performances by Sergio George and his all Star Salsa Friends”or on the R & B legend of Allen Toussaint’s, the with the bright Mississippi”featuring Don Bryon & Marc Ribot beat of the streets of New Orleans to the Caribbean Beach will bring. The complete schedule and other information to the Curacao North Sea Jazz Festival there in. About Curacao: The island of Curacao, in the Southern Caribbean offers the best conditions for a wonderful and varied holiday: Caribbean life with European influences, family-friendly, wonderful sea with many small coves and beaches, hospitable people and a rich culture, historical attractions, such as the UNESCO World Heritage Willemstad, as well as possibilities of leisure activities from water sports to hiking. Hobby and sport divers more than 60 reported diving with ideal conditions and up to 30 meters visibility can explore the rich underwater world. Off the coast of Venezuela, is Curacao outside of the hurricane belt and is thus recommended as a year-round destination. Since November, 2011, Air Berlin offers weekly Direct flights from Dusseldorf to Curacao to. Press contact: Zucker.Kommunikation GmbH team Curacao Torstrasse 107, 10119 Berlin phone: 030/247 587-0, fax: 030 / 247 587-77 E-mail: Web:

Stortebeker Festival

Piratenstarke short travel in the JASMAR RESORT RuGEN – the JASMAR RESORT RuGEN also this year is exclusive partner of the Stortebeker Festival in Ralswiek – Stortebeker arrangement for the playing time of the 23.6 8.9.2012: two nights in a double room including breakfast, dinner on the first night, ticket and shuttle to the Festival on the second evening: from 187 per person in a double room – photo contest for kids in the JASMAR RESORT RuGEN, Rugen/Hamburg, April 2012 for 20 years is the legendary pirate Klaus Stortebeker every year summer guest on Rugen: the Stortebeker Festival held on the natural stage Ralswiek, one of the most beautiful and largest open-air theatres in Europe, since 1993. “This year’s staging sentenced death” runs from the 23.6 up to the 8.9.2012 and will delight the audience like every year with a pirate-like spectacle. How and why the Buccaneers on the Grasbrook Hamburg met his end, is of a total of 150 contributors? including Sascha Gluth as Stortebeker and Wolfgang Lippert as a ballad singer?, with four ships and 30 horses effectively in scene. Amazing special effects, elaborately choreographed fight scenes and the nightly fireworks display at the end make visiting the Festival an unforgettable experience. It is played from Monday to Saturday from 20:00. The Stortebeker arrangement of the JASMAR RESORT RuGEN in less than 20 minutes to reach the Festival from the largest resort of the island: from the JASMAR RESORT RuGEN. Resort aimed in particular at family holiday is the exclusive partner of the Festival. So the tickets for Germany’s most successful Open-Air Theatre Festival can be booked directly through the resort (adults: 12 euro, children up to 15 years: 10 euro). With its Stortebeker arrangement the JASMAR RESORT also offers the wonderful possibility to combine the visit to the Pirate Festival with a relaxing getaway on Germany’s largest island.

Special Paint

Fluorescent paint made with bright, pure colors. But they have very low light resistance and chemical resistance. Metallic inks may be pasty or liquid. Paste colors are available ready to use, while two-component liquid paints are available (pasta, plus a binder and solvent) and must be mixed immediately prior to printing. In a flat offset printing is very difficult to achieve good balance of water paint by using metallic inks of the large size of the pigment. These paints are easily erased, if they applied lacquer to prevent abrasion, reduced metallic luster. Metallic paints can also print gravure printing, but the image appears with ragged edges. There is a general recommendation for metallic and fluorescent inks – printing on coated paper, if not reduce the absorption of their luster. Applying paint layer larger than usual increase the perception of colors. They can also be mixed with conventional offset inks for improved print properties. Paint applied with a long time. Modern paints are complex chemical substances. Car paints are composed of three materials: pigments, binder and solvent. Pigment Pigment – a substance that gives color paint and perform some other function, for example, slows down the corrosion. In the colors of the "metallic" color is especially important, as will be discussed further. This binder material is a carrier pigment and helps it to consolidate the painted surface. It also forms a protective glossy film on top of the pigment after drying. Solvent solvent gives the paint flow, corresponding purposes of its application. It is made on the basis of volatile compounds. The solvent evaporates constantly (as in painting, and after it), leaving the surface of the pigment and binder that form paint cover. The different types of paint suited various solvents. The paint must be diluted with an appropriate solvent, and only to the desired strength. Car paints not so long ago the choice was limited to only two types of color: nitrocellulose lacquer (also known as cellulose paint) and synthetic enamel.

Metal Doors

Without a good quality lock and any door – even made the most modern and expensive materials, will not perform its main mission – to protect the premises from unauthorized entry. Therefore, the choice locks should be taken seriously and responsibly. But unfortunately, after some time, any lock – even the best can fail, and then in front of the room hosts raises the question: to buy and install a new lock or repair the old one. Simple answer to this question can only professionals, for whom the door lock repair – not a hobby, and work. Therefore never rush to throw out a broken lock, if for its repair will undertake an experienced master, he would still be able to serve you for many years. And such a service would cost a lot cheaper than buying a new remedy. Long gone are the days when to repair the locks in the doors could each self-respecting head of the family, because current models are so complex and intricate that to deal with tricky mechanisms under force is not for everyone. There are many reasons for failure of the castle, among them – long term use, misuse, malicious intrigues that might stick in the lock striker match and so on. Regardless of what brought the closure of your order, always an experienced specialist can understand the situation and make every effort to eliminate breakage. But if it be that to repair the locks in the metal door is not possible, the same wizard will help you with the quality and full replacement – the most appropriate for your type of door lock. So if you feel that the lock mechanism began to open with difficulty, or scroll, do not wait until it is completely broken, and you can not get into the house or apartment. It is better to advance to invite experts who have conducted preventive maintenance of locks and, thus, have saved you from many troubles. What kind of work provides professional repair locks, metal doors, including? This, above all, the replacement of separate mechanism as a lever, and a cylinder locks, complete replacement of locks, installing additional locks and locking devices – heck, chains bronenakladok. All these works have one goal – to make your door a solid and reliable that will protect you from burglary and unauthorized entry from outside and keep your belongings safe and sound.