Universa On Touting

The Universa health insurance offers a comprehensive service by the end of the year that the unisex tariffs are introduced on December 21 this year, might be now known to everyone. To change many, especially male insured persons who intend, in the private health insurance, yet the old conditions want to back up. The Universa now hoped an influx of new customers and provides additional services to the balance sheet date. Universa expands service although it is widely known that the unisex tariffs come, is not everyone aware of what this means in detail. The Universa made health insurance a new website for this purpose. With this, they want to give assistance to the insured persons who want to switch to private health insurance. According to own statements of the insurance company find interested here the most important information and background on the conversion of bi sex on unisex tariffs on the PKV. Also serves the page to support their distributor in the sale. Extended for flea markets” the insurer want on December 20 until midnight and guarantees for those who go in the car an assumption of all requests fully and correctly entered until 21: 00 opening time. Still the Universa offers anyone who is planning a change of the law in the private health insurance, a car starter package”with a free insurance of entitlement for the month of December. Should an insured after a car Exchange and the Unisex change disadvantages arise, there is an option to Exchange. Year announced premium adjustments of the insurance company Universa recently also their tax cuts for the next. In more than half of the tariffs is expected to post increases. Among them there are outliers with 31 percent (ZA 90 for children). The majority is in tens of tens. Only at a rate (A 155 for children), the posts be reduced (3 percent). Understanding the changes in the car for all those her PKV fare now to is expensive, there are two options for a Change within the private health insurance. For one, you can in the Universa PKV change rate and on the other hand there is the opportunity to another insurance provider. But only, you should make the latter, if one is only recently with this provider, because one must reckon with loss of his age provisions otherwise. The change of the car fare, however, is relatively uncritical. In both cases, the support of a consultant recommends anyway. See: insurance – change

The Sound Against The Gray

The Web radio tips for a golden autumn with the beginning of the Carnival season and Martin’s day provide color in the otherwise gray November, we provide the appropriate channels. All revellers of you radio wave of old town provides the perfect prelude to the 5th season in the local Carnival, Fastnacht Carnival stronghold. And who sees no revellers on November 11, equipped children on the way to the St. Martins procession will meet at least heaps of lanterns. The sounds of Gospel radio fit excellent, also to enjoy the sense of community of Martin day. And who prefer puddles, revellers and lanterns dodging, for a relaxed evening on the couch and best entertainment with the plays of audiobook FM offered. We wish you a colorful November! Helau Alaaf in November! Should you already bring on November 11 in fools mood want we recommend radio wave of old town. You will be provided with best Carnival hits, party hits and Kollscher music directly from Cologne’s old town and come guaranteed right now in Jackson mood! And on top of it there are still hottest news around the Kolscher scene and that, for Cologne bekanntlichermassen, most beautiful time of the year. Contact: Michael Bruns radio.