Musicianship On Guitar

Lesson 3. Musicianship in the school of classical guitar are two main ways of sound production: a game based on a string, and without support. Consider them. Playing with the support of this method to extract the most vivid and loud noises. Therefore used when playing melodic music. Technique of its execution is as follows: Place a finger i to the first string. It should be slightly bent in the penultimate joint. Now tweak the string so that the finger stopped at the next, with a thicker string. It is important to remember that when the game only works her fingers. Brush should not take part in it. After the finger is removed. The sixth string is played without reliance on the grounds that rely not on that. Playing without the support of using this method marks the accompaniment. His technique differs in that after plucking finger is not based on the following string, and moves kakby, inside the palm. Right thumb is whether from the rest. They too can play with support and without support, but more often uses the second method. string in a downward direction, to more subtle. Exercise 1: 1) Turn on the metronome, set the pace 40. 2) Play the first string with the support, alternating fingers i and m. Train up until you can not play a minute without stammering. 3) After you do the same on all the other strings. 4) Increase the pace. Exercise 2: Do the same, alternating between the fingers of m and a.