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The tool Fields and Weapons of Competio (CAC) for the Manager of Production Mariana Becker Gomes* SUMMARY faster the increasing changes and each time reflect in constant alterations in environments economic, social, technological and politician. Inside of this context, the organizations constantly search the differentiation and competitive attainment of vantage through the innovation, processes of generation of transference of information and the use of strategical tools. Of the tools of existing competitive strategy, it will be analyzed, under the optics of the Theory of the Competitiveness, the model De Campos and Armas de Competio (CAC). Intention is to reflect and to analyze the utility of the CAC for the Manager of Production. The methodology is based on a theoretical revision and a hypothesis for future studies with focus in optimum performance of this tool. Word-key: Strategical planning; Competitive strategy; Theory of the Competitiveness; Weapons of Competition. For the reflection and analysis of the tool Fields and Weapons of Competio (CAC) for the Manager of Production it was necessary the revision of theoreticians and published articles, whose analyses and results had allowed to give subsidies on the definition, use and retraction of its use. Specialization in International trade UNINTER Graduation in Administration hab. Foreign commerce – FARGS Graduation Letters – Portuguese & English – FAPA Technique in Secretaryship? UFRGS email: INTRODUCTION the fall of barriers for the entrance of new competitors, the acceleration of the innovation processes, the strategies of global localization of great corporations, the liberalization of the world-wide commerce (reduction of protectionism of markets), the macro partnerships (formation of blocks between countries, p.e Mercosul) and the multipolarization (competition between national structures anti-symmetrical) they had led to acirramento of the competition between the companies.