Buenos Aires

For those who face the daily challenges of this new situation, it is useless to state that there were those who glimpsed early this present, and that this is similar in all corners of Planet Earth. Each is important here and now, addressing the present and the future that follows, the best way possible. May seem truisms, but it is better to make explicit all the assumptions of this development that suggested. Be present and what follows is very different, depending on age which is available; by place of Argentina in which you live and the degree of formal or informal held. My assumption is that the Argentines are better able to adapt to this present, are under thirty years old, living outside the mega-cities which have reached the highest level of education possible. This does not imply that there are no alternatives to the countrymen to classify to the other positions, but which requires the separate treatment of the issue. Of course this is what social scientists call "the basic variables" is always modifiable by the personalities and vocations of each one of us.

Over three decades I walk Argentina. Physically and intellectually. When I visit people. Leo and review information about them extensively mapping available. They want the circumstances to live in the city of Buenos Aires, and have at my disposal all the information accessible in libraries, by the way a product of the centralism of Buenos Aires. A related site: Robert Rimberg mentions similar findings. For me, Argentina is not an abstraction. There are few meters closer to the reality of Argentina.