Domestic Work

Domestic work is much more comfortable with the appliances. It was supposed to be more compatible increasingly work outside the home. The result is that women between 35 and 55 years suffer from the disease three times more work stress than the rest of the population, as provided by the study of Vincent Navarro. The problem happens from modern subjection a particular mindset, so that a mental conflict happens quite widespread, visible element. In this case the stress field. As Michael Foucault analyzed the mental conflict is resolved only when establishing new relationships with the environment.

Which means now we have to raise new ritmosa and a new relationship with time. Which is a deep change in the heart of our economy, which has reversed the meaning of work. On the one hand employment is no longer a means of resolving subsistence needs or enrichment and becomes a purpose, so as to create requirements and tax incentives to promote job creation, which is absurd and just damaging to society as a whole. On the other hand have been created and widespread consumer credit mortgages, to boost the economy by borrowing. With something which happens very distortions of reality, as is the fact that changes to work to eat according to the possibilities of each one in eating and then having to work, in order to maintain this rate of consumption. So work in the family is insufficient, we must seek other sources of income and thus enters a spiral in which there is not time to enjoy drinking.