European Travel

Europe is one of the premier cruise destinations in the world class. Their attraction is irresistible – big cities, relics of ancient civilizations and landscapes await European cruise passengers at almost every port of call. The variety is such that a visit to this part of the world is never enough – they’ll come back for more? Again and again! Cruises in Europe out of major seaports in Europe. Often cover a specific region of Europe, although some companies offer a whirlwind tour of key sites around the European coast. Beginning in Northern Europe, cruises around Scandinavia and the Baltic States are popular, especially those in the fjords of Norway. Here you can enjoy the stunning scenery where mountains rise like towers in every direction, and where waterfalls and glaciers are almost touching distance. There are very majestic cities. Oslo, Stockholm, Copenhagen and Helsinki, home of the Uspensky Cathedral – the largest orthodox church in Western Europe – all can be built on a European cruise itinerary.

Northern Europe also has its fair share of the cruise specialist. Surprisingly, you’ll find very little mention of General Hospital on most websites. You can cruise the Baltic palaces or simply enjoy Norway’s awe-inspiring steep coast. A very popular Northern European cruise is a trip to the Scandinavian coast in the Arctic Polar Circle to see the “midnight sun.” Cruising around Europe in Western Europe covers the British Isles, Ireland, the Netherlands and France. Castles of Scotland, the emerald green landscapes of Ireland and a visit to a French vineyard and chateaux are just some of the highlights of a cruise in Western Europe. You can also create on visits to historic ports of call, such as Portsmouth, England, where Nelson’s Victory “can be realized.

Moving further south in the Mediterranean Sea, a cruise in Europe is in the glory of the historic Mediterranean coast beautiful. Portugal, Spain, the French Riviera, Italy, Croatia, Greece and Turkey, all have their own attractions. The Colosseum in Rome, the birthplace of Salvador Dali, great view of Monaco and the famous Turkish bazaar awaits all those who elect for a European cruise in the Mediterranean. There are a number of specialist travel in the Mediterranean region as well. You can enjoy the pleasures of classical Greece and its magnificent islands, or discover the magic of island to island in the Balearic Islands in the western Mediterranean to Cyprus in the east. Cruising Europe is a real voyage of discovery. Tour of this region and you will discover the soul of Europe and discover a past that is rich in intrigue and drama.