How To Travel To Goa

Little Indian state of Goa each year becoming more attractive for Russian tourists. There are several reasons, firstly, is the climate. When in Russia, the cold and snow, it’s warm, lots of fresh fruit and always a warm sea. Secondly, a large number of tourists from Russia, approximately 50% of the total mass of tourists, which means that communicating with ignorant of English, no problem waking. And third, it is certainly low cost of living. 1. How do I get? Air flight to Mumbai or shared, and then also up to the flight of Goa, is about $ 70-100 (domestic flights). But there can be variations.

Can be from Delhi, at a good (and comfort food) train for $ 40 about 2 days’ journey, or from Mumbai by train or bus. Travel by train will cost about $ 20, bus going nearly $ 12 per day. 2. What’s next? If you have arrived, it must somehow and somewhere to get out of the airport. Question where? Goa itself is divided into two parts, north and south. Who is doing difference, in my opinion there is no difference either in price or quality.

The only thing we can say that the south is a more relaxing holiday, north respectively Drive. Therefore, if we move from the airport, which is somewhere in between, you guided only by these determinants. Take a taxi and drive the price of travel from the center to the most northern beach of Arambol or to the South Pole wakes Palolema cost about $ 22-25. If you are traveling by train, the place of arrival will be Located in the southern part, but already in the depths of the state, the city of Margao. From it, the same price as the airport, get out in this direction. If you want to relax in the northern part, then go by train to Margao, no sense. In such a case would be wiser to go to the station Pernem, which is located at the beginning of Goa. Arriving by taxi at any chosen town or village, you can easily find a place to live. It is worth it, depending on the season and quality, ranging from 200 to 500 rupees per day per room (15 rupees = 10 rubles). Just for a rest, it is advisable to rent a scooter. Rental price per day is 200 rupees, about 50 lakh plus for gasoline. Prices in the cafes Though different, but the average power of about 300 rupees a day. If you prefer, you can find fast food and cheaper. It is worth noting that many rooms have kitchens and those who can cook, can significantly reduce the cost of food.