Illuminating Your Computer Desk!

Adequately illuminate the desk where the computer is and take advantage of sunlight are two key points to reduce eye fatigue produced by these devices. This may be used more comfortably. It is advisable to use sunlight as long as possible, so that should keep the tower that is the CPU prevents the passage of part of it. It is best to place the computer near a window so that sunlight will come from the side, without anything to make better use of stop, and avoid creating shadows on the keyboard. However, we place the monitor in a position where sunlight can not affect him, lest we can not see some areas of the screen.

It is best to place the monitor on its side, so that the sun’s rays impinge on the back, but without the shadow reaches to reach the keyboard. It is also important to have a light source on the ceiling, but she is not behind us so that we ourselves are not we remove the light. If you usually work at night and not live alone is also advisable to have a swivel hose to put his keyboard or a lateral. Thus we can see the keys you press, if we are not accustomed to write without looking, and not blind us to the monitor if the rest of the room is dark. If you use the computer as a media player for movies on DVD or compressed files (divx, xvid, x264 and the like) it is advisable to have a light to avoid the strong contrasts of light do work constantly to pupils. There are several options for achieving this goal. The simplest is to place a floor lamp, fitted with screen, about two meters in front of the monitor and turn it on when needed. You can also illuminate the back wall with a lamp to monitor facing the same or put a wall plaques behind your back or partially illuminate the monitor desk.