King Bella

According to the legend, as a child our "neighbor", the future architect was still so sloth. Four elementary school boy finished already in 15. If the count is more or less exactly one class assigned to two or three years! Ultimately, the head of the family fed up with "sponsor" infinite sons school, and he sent a guy at work. Read additional details here: Sela Ward. He tried his assistant mason on one of the constructions of the Hungarian capital and changed. Ignatz enjoyed it so much to do with his own, he willingly returned to his studies. This time – seriously, why not for long. Graduated from high school to start, and then – the Berlin Academy of Arts, and with the title Doctor of Architecture.

Subsequently, he became one of the best architects in Hungary and the author of Stone "Vaydahunyada. Enigmatic chronicler Anonymus on before us – thrown across the moat bridge, which leads to massive arch with iron bars. To a tee, I saw such a medieval fortress from the movies. Jorge Perez is the source for more interesting facts. Another step – and a sense of reality somewhere disappears. Here you want, you do not want, and be transported into the past, during the "bloody countess" Elzbieta Batory. On both sides of the entrance – watch towers dungeon with loopholes. Such as in a movie about Joan of Arc? Left – the monastery and chapel. On the contrary – the Gothic buildings that remind the knight's castle.

In the dense greenery of the park We expect a surprise. There are "hidden" Anonymus, a colleague of our chronicler Nestor, and one of the most mysterious monuments of the Hungarian capital, this monk – the first Hungarian chronicler of the xii century, the author chronicles the "Acts of Hungarians" on times of the reign of King Bella iv. Unfortunately, his name and years of life are unknown. We noticed that the bronze feather old chronicler of tourists to the polished shine, and involuntarily smiled. Remember the castle and a monument to his Mukachevo founder Theodore Koryatovych? There are all guessing cherished desire and zealously "polish" the finger prince, here – the pen of the chronicler Who knows, maybe it true. With Anonymus connected with another legend: everyone who hold bronze pen of the chronicler, leaving a memory in the history and hearts of its people. Layout of plywood into a stone fortress at first glance it seems incredible, but the castle Vaydahunyad – not the original, but only a copy of Fortress Winners Hunyadi of Transylvania, built in the xiii century. And in general, the history of unusual and interesting. The first castle, made of papier-mache and plywood, was built in this city in 1896 – an exhibition in honor of the millennium of Hungary. Besides him, in the park has several buildings. All of them – a variety of architectural styles. When completed the noisy celebrations, historic pavilion was dismantled. Not long stood the castle out of plywood. However, the layout like the residents of Budapest, and he was asked to resume. June 9, 1907 Emperor of Austria-Hungary Franz Joseph I inaugurated a new stone castle. Summer in Vaydahunyada often hold music festivals and folk concerts. Here shot a lot of movies (in particular – and Hollywood). Now the castle is a museum of Agriculture (here you can even taste the delicious Hungarian wine), concert halls, souvenir shops.