To love is the accomplishment of all the forces that in them take the ways always quenem want, after without loving is not possible to say that it is lived fully. Who would not love a rose that it does not know to stick, as not to enchant itself, the rose I possessed a perfume that makes to alucinar, owner of a kiss that never I kissed, a mouth that always I longed for, as not to want to touch its skin soft, that the dreams it invades, and it makes me to the night to transpirar, and in a surprise frenezi to wake up, for the remaining portion of the night in clearly being. It has, as not to love, what it is impossible to resist, the desire and the will, the courage and the truth that is difficult to accept, that it does not have nothing to make, that without loving, it does not have as to live. Love is emptiness in chest that needs to be filled, and is night that everything is more complicated, because it is when the mind takes in them to take a walk with gone and comings between the past and the gift, that makes in them to be delirious, with a so great love that nor the time hides, nor makes to erase. What it does not have missed error nor, different and is entrelassados, the love complete loving and loving enaltece the love. Both are faces of the same currency, illuminated for its beauty, protected for its smile, that the love stops, loving are basic, he is who it heats the body, it blows up the heart, it pacifies the soul and it condemns the spirit to suffer in disillusion. The so difficult love and loving to find and to conquer, so easy to lose, that good for loving it is to feel love correpondido. In this physics of the feelings, the real equation, where one plus equal one and to one only, two bodies, two hearts, one only destination, an infinite love, that nothing can change its destination.