Yes, it can succeed a miracle. It smiles, jeeing itself: since when it believes miracles? It is a callous citizen for the life, has the bitter experience of how much the fight for the survival is difficult. The past taught to it, educated it with the proper examples. Good The fight continues although everything e, resoluto, removes the phone of the hook and dials, reentregando it the administrative function: – ngela gives a small jump here. All good, I wait.

It restitutes the phone and it arranges the esparsos papers on bir, trying to occupy, to deceive the proper spirit. Without delaying, it hears the pats in the door, announcing the entrance of somebody. The door if opens and the brown, esguia, gracious figure of ngela appears. – Good day. – Good day, ngela. The young one passes, closes the door and in fast steps achega it the chair the front of bir and sits down, crossing the long legs, well-made.

E, smiling, waits. Then Its Gilbert: – How he is, all good with you? Keeping the smile of covinhas in the pretty face, it he answers: – Everything certinho . – Excellent excellent. With discretion then it fixes the legs displayed for the minissaia and, suddenly excited, he thinks about the loving program that will after tan the expedient with the secretary. Intelligent, knowing it, the young understands it e, conserving the smile, waits – What such people to give ones today voltinhas? – Pra me, all good. – Excellent excellent. They are faced, understanding itself, in the language where the words are unnecessary. Removing the handkerchief of the pocket of the pants, Its Gilbert passes it in the forehead, and faces. ngela rests the left leg on the right thigh, substituting the previous position with the right, in the sensual, provocative game to the pleasure waits that them. Malicious, the head smiles, understanding it. 2 the wide gate of the entrance exits of the laborers closed. The strait and long culvert a little moved away, to the left of Portaria, without expelling the smoke of the wood burnt for the boilers. The silence heavy that involves the building of conjugated sections, without nobody. Where the boxes are the trucks carrying or leading the material for the confection of the paper? Where are tractors giant, yellow, that they collect and leads the bagasse of sugar cane for the mat that takes in turn it to the cozinhadeiras, in the first one to walk? All stopping. But one or another watchman watching over the patrimony of the Company. – We are declared insolvent. Its Gilbert in relief says baixinho, realist, after the fast analysis what presencia e, horn, announcing itself. The gate is opened and the automobile enters to devagar, soft, as if it feared to wound the rocks esbranquiadas for the time and that already if they find dirty for papers that fly, dancing to the wind of the morning. Yes, patio enters in the great quiet e. The guard closes the gate. In the sky the sun scintillates with bigger force, announcing the summer, therefore after all of accounts, nothing for, everything it follows the command of a Great Force. Jumping of the car, Its Gilbert it is directed its cabinet, in the first one to walk, where it will only meet alone, in the shelter of the absentees.