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In the current issue are stars & stories with Roland Rube and Ariane Kranz on radio VHR interview guest: Marijke, Melanie Miric and Feller Feller Marijke – processed their own experiences in her songs that she sings. But above all, she wants to simply convey a positive atmosphere and have fun together with their listeners. She had it with enthusiastic 7,000 spectators at the parade of pop star in the Frankfurt Festhalle. In addition to appearances with – among others-Helene Fischer, Roberto Blanco and Patrick Lindner – she could inspire last even 30,000 Schlager fans at the “large Sauerland Open-Air”. Her stage presence is frenetically celebrated again on the new. It is obvious: Marijke was born for music.

And to stand on the stage. Meanwhile Marijke released her first album titled “The game” at the Berlin music label DEAG music. Spurs is full of insight into the issues. Melanie Miric – is your life motto “Live rather unusual!” Her hobbies include: music, dancing, drawing. Include the things that like to do: sing, Travel, cooking, laughing. Her favorite musicians are: Stefan Mross, Sting and Elvis Presley. And her wish for the future: to touch people with their music somewhere in the heart. Melanie Miric fascinated their audience not only by their very emotional and extraordinary voice, but also their emotional and heartfelt naturalness and the strikingly strong stage presence. Her TV debut came 2008 at Stefan Mross in the ARD show “again Sunday”.

Meanwhile, the first single CD titled “Wind strength 12” was released with Melanie Miric. Feller Feller & stand together behind and on stage for 15 years. For insiders and friends, this is no surprise, because few know that Feller & Feller were modest from the background for some TOP hit. So, for example, Hansi Feller – wrote under his real name of Hans-Joachim Ropkes – for Hansi Hinterseer the top hit “The snow-white wedding dress”. A title, according to top positions in the charts and the official “MM top 100” Sales charts”was already to the Evergreen. You wrote also title for Leonhard and Roberto Blanco, to name a few more. With its current title “ohne dich”, the hearts of fans want to conquer new Feller & Feller. (, melanie,, The programme aired every Thursday at 18:00 – repetition: each Sunday at 13:00 Web link: company description radio VHR – here plays the music! Radio VHR – my no. 1 hit radio (Discofox Schlager, pop-Schlager, party Schlager, German country) Web link: radio VHR – my folk music radio No.1 (folk music, folk pop) Web link: radio VHR – rock & pop (rock, pop, dance, R & B and Oldies) Web link: in our portals we present news, Web radio, music wish list, charts, CD music videos always up-to-date with radio VHR! Company contact: Radio VHR – my no.