Philosophy Bartender

Over time you can earn 100-300 rubles. I tried to sell the cheese, it's very easy and sometimes fun. On the show, though I did not take: the growth did not come out! Ads look on the internet, on websites and in student newspapers free ads in the 'work for students'. Waiter – Job advertisements in newspapers come across, but the salary is not less than $ 100 in Moscow, there is a chance to get tips, though in Russia for some reason they decided not to pay. A variety of such "night work" – this is great drawback – the bartender Stas, a student at the Faculty of Philosophy: I worked as a bartender the entire first year: after two days. A lot of drinks, women, cigarettes and money …. I was very rich in comparison with his friends, all furnished home appliances, but … a lot of drinking. I had to go: almost went out of Uni and spoiled the health work as a waitress for girls can be dangerous: back home have to 2-3-4 in the morning, is that of the remote region. To get a job as a waiter or bartender go around cool clubs and talk to the manager, for sure, they have open positions. Loader Sergei, a graduate MIREA: the whole group was engaged in "hack" – came wagon or train, are urgently needed to unload. Paid so that I am fully dressed in trendy jeans and then bought himself something of furniture. Canvass all together, came to the firm, then recruited an entire base.

Internet Earnings

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