Nicolas Fernandez

Alejandro Zuzenberg (Online Manager Google) also showed the a way explains how to use Adwords and tips for use. The talks that transmitted user experiences. One of the talks was on “e-commerce”, which was dictated by Nicolas Fernandez. Mr. Fernandez basically what the conversation was broadcast on the experience he has had in its plans for e-commerce.Tambien Fernandez explained in broad terms such as SEO work, and how to deal with the client at the time of offer web-based solution e-commerce.Esta was chatting with more opinions and points of view different I noticed. Some saw the speech as very good, and that Fernandez used a very simple and clear language to communicate their work experiences, and left clear sentences closing time each tip or idea I wanted to convey (eg “Wanted creativity not have to reinvent the wheel, we must take advantage and join the community, not create a new “). You can also think that this talk caught a little more because it came from a break and recurring technical problems accounted for the attention of many. The other side of the coin is that the techniques were appointed talk a bit unfair and perhaps even frivolous motion capture on our site, these techniques are called “Viral Marketing” clear examples of such techniques is spam or impersonate two users on a forum to encourage a conversation down a product.El they approach this type of technique caused a rejection in a large part of the listeners. On issues of time I can not get to name each talk, but I understand you cover the two types of classification that they could give me. There was also a loss of talk by MTW Studios (Uruguayan company has done design work such as drawing “Little Hero”). Summary I think it’s the only part of the post I give a completely subjective opinion, yes it was quite an event marketer, yes bad about that?, No, not at all, personally I had fun, I met with friends and changed a few hours a routine rare event. The general public from what I saw left with “hunger” content, which may be true, but who we were psyched that this was not an event I think learning about the pilot well. Beyond the constant technical problems that bother anyone, not really understood what was the attitude of much of the public was angry criticizing sit to tie the speaker, because to pay 200 to stay criticizing aloud contributing to noise pollution prefer to get up and leave the event, but in the end.