The Old

One has only to carefully wash away the old and often buy new ones. And to soften the skin after this procedure, you still need a good cream, most importantly, no alcohol. Total: The cheapest and quite effective way to maintain the smooth legs and underarms in During the winter season. Not suitable for the bikini line, because it causes irritation from the shaving as well as by injecting hairs that appear on the surface after 3 days. People such as Vanessa Marcil would likely agree. The second way – a cream for hair removal. Domestic and foreign cosmetic companies offer It is full of choices. At personally experienced the same result as a cheap Bulgarian cream and expensive French. The difference in the perfumed fragrance and ergonomics and so primitive a spatula to remove hair. On his feet – there is nothing to try. Too time-consuming and neeefektivno because hair remove everything at once does not work, but for the bikini line – at the time. Total: I take this way in winter to keep the bikini line. The procedure will be repeated often enough, because none of the creams are not fulfilled his promise to remove the hair on the '9 -10 days'. The third way – with hot wax hair removal. In my opinion, the most effective way to get rid of the hair everywhere and for a long time. The only negative – very painful! Well, really! For example, I have not yet reached the level of meditation, allowing a cosmetologist with a tube after letting the wax to my armpits.


Cosmetics – A friend? Yes, if she – Mirra-Lux. I want to tell you about his true friend. I'm sure you too are looking for or looking for that. But others are not so easy to find, right? Well if you are lucky and you find it in the beginning. Then do not have to be disappointed again and again … And I was fortunate to meet a recently, after years of searching. – Who is it? – You ask. – It's – Cosmetics. – Nonsense … makeup can not be a true friend – you will say. – Maybe, if only she – Mirra-Lux. Let's start with the source. My friend's parents – Dear smart people, the Russian scientists who created her child seems to love the whole world! That is, with love, because only then can to create something real! And the world has been very responsive. The sea has made his royal prepodnosheniya, bowels of the earth have responded, all plants from all over our vast planet were asked to take their unique gifts, and even workers, the bee, carefully guarding the products of their labor, is pleased to share them. And my friend was born – a lively, candid, natural, fantastic! He grew up, the parents take care of his upbringing and education, he greedily absorbed everything he was taught. And the result was not long in coming. His skills and knowledge were highly valued by government awards. – Yes, it is certainly interesting, but why one? – You ask. Vanessa Marcil is full of insight into the issues.

Rejuvenating Skin

The correct application of cosmetics – the main means of preserving youth and gun combat aging skin. By purchasing another vehicle for skin care, you should know exactly correspond to your age and for what purposes it is intended. Then you will not be in use 20 years of intensive anti-wrinkle preparations, and in 50 with amazement to learn that the acquisition of first century cream you pripozdnilis for several decades. In 20-30 years, 20-30 years of no aging can not be discussed. Skin Care enough to use ordinary moisturizing and nourishing for your skin type appropriate masks and creams, soft exfoliation improves the complexion funds, and after 25 years – and even light creams and gels for centuries. In no event do not forget about protecting from the effects of free radicals and UV protective creams. At this age, the main rule of skin care – it prevention of aging. This is especially important to remember those who have heard and read about the new anti-wrinkle cream wonderworking seeks to immediately test it on my young skin. 30-40 years in age between 30 and 40 in the skin is first major modification, reproduction deteriorating collagen cell regeneration becomes slower, worse complexion, born visible wrinkles around the eyes and mouth. The reason for this – stay in the sun, stresses occurring in the body and age changes. At this stage you can start to use means of wrinkles. Strict rule should be used and night and day creams. At this age, the skin around eye also needs to be more intense the means for the formation of new wrinkles and smoothing already appeared. 40-50 It has come a time when you really start to feel self-skin can not overcome those loads that it experiences every day. As a result, wrinkles, dryness and tightness feeling of the skin, the first spots and changes in facial contours. At this age need creams, which have Rejuvenating and raising vitality of the skin. But at the same time with the use of these creams should be applied more functional means of restoring. They can be applied in courses for 20-30 days or systematically depending on the condition of your skin. These funds are essential if you want a quick result, for example, in front of a holiday immediately cause the skin in order. In the 40-50 age segment increased attention are the areas around lips and eyes. Therefore, the use of special preparations is necessary. Almost all of the directions for the care of aging skin, along with night and day creams include them. So the most a rational way – do not buy some tools and a whole lot at once. After 50 At this time, you can continue to use your usual tools that will enable the skin to feel most comfortable with. But many of They can not cope with a thorough hormonal changes experienced by your body at this age. And so cosmetologists recommend to focus on to cope with this problem creams. Various health problems, weight changes, poor diet and a lot more of what you have not concentrated their attention over time, more and more begin to affect the skin. So after 50 years, a key way of skin care is not to use creams (even the most expensive), and a healthy lifestyle. However, this advice should not be neglected, and in 20 years!

Online-Store Health

Today, on the first day of summer 2010 in Yekaterinburg, the largest in the SEC "Alatyr" will open a new store of health in which residents and visitors of the Urals capital can buy erotic lingerie and sex toys massage oils, gels and perfumes with pheromones, magazines and textbooks on sex, original souvenirs, films on DVD-ROM and many other Intimate Goods, on the Russian market by the National "Casanova 69". The opening of the eleventh store in the TRC "Alatyr" on the street. Margaret Loesser Robinson has plenty of information regarding this issue. Malyshev, 5 in conjunction with the beginning of June, which is considered one of the sexiest months of the year. Looking to the third floor of shopping center the opening day of the store, shoppers will be able to take part in an unprecedented action: only on 1 June sex shop "Casanova" offers to buy any product with 30% discount. Discount does not apply to products that store implemented within the framework of special offers. Health store – a new format in the retail trade erotic. Erotic goods can get rid of complexes and to implement any secret desires in the intimate sphere, and this in turn helps to improve emotional state, and normalizes the function of internal organs, increases the overall life expectancy. Sex toys naughty gifts like not only the young and liberated. But if you hesitate to discuss the selection of such goods in personal contact with the seller – look at the online store "Casanova", where you can find instructions on how to the use of various erotic devices. This will help to make a successful purchase, giving you and your family new undiscovered earlier feelings of sexual games. "Casanova 69" delivers on the Russian market only quality products made in Germany: all presented in a shop sex toys, naughty condiments and desserts, a means of increasing potency supplements meet hygienic requirements in the domestic and international standards. Visit us at.

Historically Blue

Later this scheme was refined and supplemented by the work of many scientists from different countries. Blue, brown … probably the most memorable feature of rights is the color of his eyes. Even after a cursory contact with a stranger, we probably do not even remember what the form, for example, was a person's nose or mouth, which was in his hair or clothes, but what he had eyes, we almost always remember accurately. If you would like to know more about Gina Bonati, then click here. In fact, all eyes are based on either blue or brown. Everything else is an infinite many different shades – just in between the mixed type, depending on the number of specks of brown pigment. In addition, the eye color may affect the accumulation of drugs and toxins in the body. Historically It so happened that people from warmer equatorial zones of the earth had brown eyes, and people from regions with more temperate and cold climates – blue. For more specific information, check out Lynn Redgrave. Different climatic conditions of their ancestors in the distant past predetermine the characteristics of our organism in the present. In iridology people with pure light eyes (blue and gray) is considered to lymphatic type, they are representatives of the seldom occurring in the world such as iris. People with blue iris from birth are adapted to colder climates, where the main requirement was to generate and preserve heat. However, this leads to increased production and retention of food exchange, which, in turn, can cause inflammation. In addition, in order to keep warm, you need warm clothing, which protects a person from the cold.

Special Occasions

In the spring it is escalating, therefore recommended to use light, gentle perfume fragrances. In summer, the hot and humid days, when amplified natural body odor, perfume is recommended to use light with fresh aromas of herbs and flowers, and all Care must be floral trends. In winter, the sense of smell weakens their own odors are minimized, and the fragrance means you can not afford the summer, do not always fit. In this time of year is better use more robust, powerful spirits. Suitable means fragrant and cool fantasy direction. Young people are recommended perfumes, emphasizing youth and beauty of youth. Older women are better elect spirits colognes, toilet waters, in a composition dominated by spicy scent or perfume with an invigorating, fresh, unobtrusive flavor. Brunettes do not fit the smell of perfume sharp. They should be used for perfuming the body, underwear and clothes Fresh and cold scent. Blondes make better use of warm perfume fragrances. If you use perfume to consider even the color of the dress. If the clothing is dominated by bright colors, it is best to use a perfume with a soft, light flavors and smells cool. Evening are the warm perfume in the aroma dominated by spicy, balsamic odor. Consider daytime recognized spirits possessing natural, floral scents. For Special Occasions better use perfume with a spicy, floral scent of fantasy. Work can not be used for spirits with a pungent odor in the room with significant crowding should be avoided spirits haunting, sentimental, warm, spicy scents that can irritate the nose. Hot, spicy perfume can not be used during the dances, for these cases are more suitable cold spirits. Universal spirits. Fragrance industry also produces perfumes for all age groups, which have the same success can be used both day and night. When selecting a perfume should be considered as a skin condition. For example, people allergic, it is better to use no perfumes, colognes and toilet water or. Because there is less alcohol and composite materials, they are less drying and irritating to the skin. And more. When choosing perfumes you should know that strength, sharpness, and the nature of smell is felt immediately, but with the gradual evaporation and after some time (3-5 minutes). There are three basic odor, gradually passing from one to another: the initial, basic (Middle) and residual. Choosing perfume, do not judge about the quality of the initial smell, one that appears immediately after applying them on clothes, skin and hair. The most characteristic odor properties are manifested only 15-20 minutes. This scent is the primary (middle) and persists for a long time. Usually only after 20-25 hours it starts to fade, but left after a residual odor can stick to feelings surface for 10-15 hours.

Body Makeup

Hygiene Hygiene – examines the effects of living and working conditions on the person and develops prevention programs to combat various diseases. It provides optimal conditions for the existence, keeps health and prolongs life. The term 'health' comes from the Greek word hygieinos – healthful ways that are beneficial. The ancient Greeks depicted the goddess of health in the form of a young woman holding in her hand a cup full of water. They believed her daughter Epiony and the god of health Asklepios (Aesculapius) and gave her a euphonic name Tigieya. Hence the word 'hygiene', that is health care. Healthy lifestyle, personal care, intimate hygiene and hygiene of health – current issues to date. Products Swiss company JUSTRICH COSMETICS will solve many problems and take care of your body. If you lead a healthy lifestyle, body care must become habitual ordinary procedure, regardless of your age and gender. Grooming – is a mandatory quality and a prerequisite for leading a healthy life, regardless of sex or age. The concept assumes a normal grooming skin, hair, face and body, nails, teeth, figure, coupled with the harmony, cleanliness and neatness of clothing, footwear and accessories, as well as the scent of man. Grooming – it's not appearance, but rather when you are calm and relaxed can take everything that you put on, and become worse from this, you can assume that well-groomed. Line Hydrotherapy Justrich Cosmetics: (Hygiene) Shower Gel Milk & Honey Shower RisovyyGel LavandGel for intimate hygiene Deodorant Body MalvDezodorant body Edelweiss From NARINE You'll always be healthy, beautiful and full of vitality!

Hidden Beauty

Why? This shows that the ‘entrance’ is opened, it is ready. Men also do not know this. They react instinctively. They are all looking procreation. And get married mainly to those who potentially will become the mother of their children. That’s where the hidden beauty! If your function works perfectly, breathes on you beauty, attractiveness, as they say – fluids. A if you have a kind and caring, which means you comfortable, man will not even notice that you have crooked teeth or short legs. Of course, appearance is very important. And I urge you to stop to wash and make-up. Do not make yourself an idol body. Now that was played ‘cult of the body. ” About the soul remembers only in the East. But to us it is gradually coming. Remember, you do ever get old. Perhaps this process you have touched. So do not be afraid of it. You are also adorable, as in his youth. Just settle into your life a smile, and a good soul, and years will be erased from the face. If you smile to his sweetheart every day, it will depend on you. From your love. If you he will be warm and comfortable, he never look at the other. – And you are all charming enchantress. Now, you should be confident in their beauty as that morning sun comes up. You need to prove it? Necessary to explain the whole process of astronomical phenomenon? No. You know it. So you know the same and that you are the most beautiful! Do not look for confirmation in the eyes of others. Our mentality is now somewhat envious. Therefore, the joy and satisfaction from the society you will not see. On the contrary, get ready for what you have to go through some kind of rejection. Do not worry, it’s only temporary. Women envy those who are better than them. You’re not? If such a drive out of a contrary sense. Looking at a beautiful girl, do not look at it disadvantage. Conversely, tell yourself (and maybe her) that she has a beautiful figure. Blouse or a face. Well, what you make out there, then check. And always stay a man. Share your beauty secrets with the needy. If we will distribute these secrets, beauty really save the world. The fact that we will be born healthy and happy breed.

Husk Millet

As you can see from the title, filler PodushkiPodushki – millet hulls or husks edible millet. Small, shaped like a saucer, the particles form a porous filler husk, which changes the shape of pillows at the slightest movement. Many of us suffer pain and feel a constant tension in the neck. This discomfort arises as a consequence of stress and bad posture at work or while walking. Giving the muscles to the neck well relax and unwind at night, we will avoid the pain and muscle tension necks, which will more easily transfer the tension. Soft (ordinary pillows) do not contribute to muscle relaxation necks, and they continue to work through the night, supporting the head. At the time, like a pillow, filled with husks millet, takes the form required for optimal head and neck. PodushkiPodushki with husk millet contribute to a better rest and relaxation provided overworked daily neck muscles. If all you are still pain in the neck, you should contact your massage therapist or physical therapist. In addition, the pillow filled with millet hulls, provide a cool and well miss air. Air circulates freely within the bag, allowing to feel comfortable throughout the night. This is especially important to those during sleep often sweats. This pillow takes the shape of the head is always sleeping. The amounts of millet husk, which is filled with a pillow, you can always change depending on the individual wishes. Amount of filler can be reduced or increased. Pillows are produced as for sleeping infants and children, and adults: it becomes a favorite pillow and indispensable for all family members. Caring for a pillow is very simple – it can be machine washed. A filler is changed every five years. For filling is used only husk millet grown in organic farms. The inner pillow of one hundred percent cotton. Side of the zipper. Use a pillow with only the outer pillowcase. If you intend to Wash inside a pillowcase, unzip, millet husk pour into a clean dry bowl. After washing ssypte husks in a dry and clean pillowcase. Very clean husks is not required, so it does not absorb moisture and do not sensitive to smells.