Mazagan Tourists

In this sense, diversification of products and investment has accelerated, a situation exploited by low cost airlines and travel agents. An example of diversification undertaken by the Moroccan tourism industry is its willingness to lead its bid to different nationalities. Apart from the MRE, who constitute almost half of the tourists visiting Morocco, the sector has traditionally focused on receiving visitors from France (1,707,055 French tourists in 2008 and 22% of the total number of visitors) and Spain (595 279 Spanish tourists in 2008 8% of total). But in recent years, an increasing number of tourists from the United Kingdom and Belgium have decided to visit the North African country. Also, the number of tourists from countries outside the EU has almost doubled in the period 2001-2008. The fact that Morocco is putting a huge effort in this geographic diversification and is fully aware of its importance is reflected by its desire to attract nationalities in flight. For example, the number of German tourists has dropped by almost 10% between 2001 and 2008. To reverse this trend have been put in place new plans to attract Germans unique visitor to the country, as the recent opening of a spa resort in Taghazoute and bathing complexes similar projects in Saudia (June 2009) and Mazagan (October 2009), which have been strategically designed according to the German market demands. So the diversification of the tourism sector and the services offered, along with improving the quality of the training of tourist agents, increased investment in marketing and promotion and a new emphasis on cooperation between public and private operators , is enabling Morocco overcome the threats of global economic conditions while increasing the quality of its tourism, the diversity of its services and the welfare of their visitors. If you decide to test the quality and variety of the Moroccan tourism industry, I recommend you visit the country and enjoy it firsthand. You can get a good idea of excellence, service and diversity of only consult the web. Also, to make the best of his, I recommend that you contact your travel agent for information on the many possibilities of vacation and leisure activities can be found in this beautiful and varied country..


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