Verbal History

In Chartier 11, the historiogrfico destination of culturapopular is therefore always sultry, to be stressed, and, at the same time, to semprerenascer of leached ashes. The quarrel of this work, is in fact ' ' to renascer dascinzas' ' the popular culture of the city of Lizard, 12 Sergipe, through dogrupo cultural Samba of Coconut and its manifestations. Verbal History, as well as was boom of the New dHistria sprouting for the historiografia, was very criticized by observing quecritrios used in interviews of verbal matrix, represented one ' ' air deimpreciso' '. As well as the written sources, seranalisada and refined necessary History verbal before its stories define what in fact it happened nopassado. This is an exercise of the researcher, to filter the information contidasnuma verbal interview, respecting the speech of each interviewed individual.

This reconciliation of verbal History with academy, notadamente from the decade of 1990, if over all must to the end dapopularizao maniquesta between ' ' vencedores' ' ' ' vencidos' ' , ' ' national and ' ' local' ' , ' ' writing and ' ' oral' ' , ' ' erudito' ' ' ' popular' ' , and so on. History oral today an interesting way to know and to register mltiplaspossibilidades that if reveal and give sensible the life forms and dediferentes choices social groups, in all the layers of the 13 society Through the verbal source, was possible to bring in return umperodo of the popular history of Lizard, being brought obtains ' ' histrias' ' that they had been part of the life of great personages who met in seuanonimato during years. The historical rescue made with that the prpriosentrevistados ones perceived the importance of the work that was sendodesenvolvido to keep a forgotten moment. The Samba of Coconut of Lizard is a dance that initially foicomposta for inhabitants of the agricultural zone, found in the Town Coconut palm, cidadede Lizard, and had as objective to transform the hours of working menosdolorosa, singing and dancing with strong strokes in the feet and the hands.