Dance is the most sublime and beautiful of the exepresiones of man, present since the beginning of humanity through drawings in primitive times has been confirmed as one important element in the life of man. Initially as a means of ritual given present at ceremonies for the gods of the tribes difrentes exist, effort by many mutations until loq EU we know today, and we admire one of the most beautiful artistic disciplines within the arts. There are countless important changes which had dance from its beginnings until now and especially the different styles that it possesses. The man as soon as it existed danced, as we have mentioned already, first as a dance ritual to their gods, celebration when is inica hunting, etc, all phenomena of expression of the soul of man, passed if, long time for dance take place that corresponds as artistic discipline. With the advance of time dance became expression of culture of each people, race, country, thus representing the lifestyle of each one. As an expression of style of life and customs dance always was present at the feel of the man and on par with the changes of humanity was always going with the man through prehistory, then dance ancient time, half time, modern times, contemporary era until today. Thus always find a common factor man always dances, as means of key as a way to escape or professional development man looks for dancing. Many of the various existing styles of dance today, by age in the middle ages and were born as an escape or the sole enjoyment of freedom and free for many societies that sufferers the differences of social strata. Another attaks instead as a true son of beauty and elegance (who later would be the basis of all the dances) Classical Ballet that thanks to King Luis XIV took the place that so far remains, and probably will always have as the being the base this artistic discipline. Well through time and as we have already said the dance goes with the man along with your changes and the changes that took classical dance to modern dance and contemporary was also a reflection of what you ocurrria human being bored with some of ballet classical and awarded only some apra, arises contemporary dance with an afamine in exprear the truth of the man and his life and real problems, this is completely the opposite of the classical ballet, while these events occur over time also? n are prsentes other varieties of dance which grow and occupy a very important place in the life of man how to dance jazz, folk dances, salsa, bachata, merengue, hip hop. break dance, etc. Moves man whatever style that was so different to each other but with an only point in common is to release what the soul of each person has inside and that is accomplished rather than with other things to the dance and it is that we do not know what the man dances from the began of the embryo into the womb and then already made men we still dancing without knowing always, but within the Earth, already that the universe is in constant motion and the Earth is dancing around the Sun. For further more and on this and more topics intersenates of the world of dance sees the page in order to understand more about dance and Ballet this invited to visit this page: dance and dancing

Dance To Benefit In Catamarca

Norali Cambeses dancer will present, 17 and 18 of this month, a show called love in dance, which will run to benefit of Association Soles Catamarca, volunteers in support of children and adolescent leucemicos and their families. The show will take place in the southern Theatre at 22 o’clock. The tickets are already on sale in the study of dances Norali Cambeses, located in calle Esquiu 316. The Suns Association performed a great task which is very important the support and collaboration of the people. Viewers will find a show of first level that will show different styles of dance: jazz, salsa, pop, reggaeton (reggaeton videos) and many other forms of dance. Also noteworthy that students participating from three years up to adults, so it will be a show that nobody can lose, since it is a way to help those who most need it in these times of crisis. The Suns Association invites to participate in the presentation to anyone who is willing to help and collaborate with these children and adolescents. Remove your entry into the study Norali Cambreses (Esquiu 316).