Musicians At Wedding

Musicians at a wedding over 10 years of existence, the musicians of “flower children” were made at thousands of weddings. These were grand wedding celebration for the children members of the State Duma of Russia, a wedding for the stars Foreign and Russian pop. Musicians at a wedding show group VIA flower children drew attention to one thing: popular songs at weddings and other celebrations are songs of childhood, favorite cartoons. That has been the musical program, which was claimed by people of all ages and professions education. First, the musicians at the wedding just to echo a song in one child, then received official permission to singing groups: Flowers, Fun guys, Earthlings, Dobry done, as well as some foreign artists have made their author covers. They set direction for the show, they sewed costumes that are appropriate to each specific events, elaborate jokes and funny musical inserts, turned a bright, fiery show. From the first song performed by musicians at the wedding of a group of flower children, the people love waking up, disappearing negative emotions, people feel happy, like children, which my mother gave their first tricycle. Imagine the grandparents who, along with the bride and groom, all guests, shaking his head to the song “We have called to you for an hour,” or when the whole room singing together for the bride and groom song “golden ray of sunlight ….

Turkish Cultural Festival

‘ Typical Deggendorf?’-multicultural event series Deggendorf (tvo). Asian cooking at the folk high school, a course for newcomer”, together Bavarian dance German Russian House,” at the craft Museum, a Turkish Cultural Festival or the open mosque day: with more than 40 events presents itself until May 2010 as a place of integration, as a much international city, where dozens of Nations perceive each other and appreciate the city of Deggendorf, by January. The project assign direction entitled typical Deggendorf?”, and wants to show that migration is not always accompanied by social problems, but a cultural enrichment with it brings, represents the wealth and the future of a city. Last but not least as a result of the multicultural audience at the Hochschule Deggendorf is a melting pot of different cultures. The students come from all over the world, moreover, Turks, Greeks and Italians, Russia Germans and Africans did the lovely city on the Danube to their homeland. “Foreign cultures are an enrichment for our city”, the nearly 20 institutions, reaffirm the typical project Deggendorf? “have planned for almost a year. “From the museums of the city and the Evangelical parish of the Youth Center and the College up to the Turkish Islamic culture circle, all participating institutions gathered ideas for events, the the colorful” illustrate character of Deggendorfs and at the same time the people of different cultural backgrounds closer to each other. “” Highlights in the event dance are program items such as a Turkish culture Festival on March 27, the cultural-historical exhibition home on the plate in the case of the heart in Deggendorf “with an accompanying programme for school classes at the City Museum (18.4 to 1.8), as well as the Russian German House” (4.2 to 2.3.): on an area of 42 square meters a small house with three bedrooms is built in the premises of the craft Museum, where an unusual exhibition of life and culture of the Germans from Russia illustrated. The special feature: The House is so to speak. The hosts are Russia German of Evangelical Lutheran parish of Deggendorf, who immigrated from the former Soviet Union. They accompany groups and individual visitors and give insight into her life and her story. “The whole range of typical Deggendorf?” can be found in a clear calendar of events, which include 0991 / 2960539,, is available at the tourist information Deggendorf, 94469 Deggendorf, upper town square, Tel. 0991/2960-530, fax.

Surf Film Festival Cologne

On the boards, finished films from all over the world presented this year at the ‘2nd Surf Film Festival Cologne’ los HHonolulu events. The team of HHonolulu events presented this year at the 2nd Surf Film Festival Cologne”films from all over the world. From 6 to 9 December six of the seven continents are cinematically, traveled so that all world travelers, Board sport and cinema fans come at their expense. Seven masterpieces show that surfing is a global passion for which there are no limits. If a Board or 20, whether the funny thing, of cultural exchange and the considerate handling of nature are beginner or expert in the Center. On Thursday, the 06.12 it goes cinema at 9: 00 with the world tour at the Cinenova. In the opening film, the Germany premiere of onde Nostre”, our Italian friends with romantic images and melodies show that there are actually surfable waves in the Mediterranean. The breaks on the other side of the globe, however, are reliable. wledge.. Gauchos del Mar”are the brothers of Azulay of Los Angeles in North America along the Pacific Coast accompanied by Chile in South America and on to Argentina. With: surfboard, mobile base, US$ 1,500 and a lifelong dream. At the Festival Friday, the trip continues to New Zealand. Documentation last paradise”, it is adventurous with the guys who have used before 45 years of extreme sports limits, from 19: 00. Thanks to the original footage from the 60s and 70s the spectators in the 40min version gets an impression of this formerly pristine paradise. Then the new work dear kidnapped suburbia in his Germany debut”by Kai Neville in an absurd excursion in the current New Zealand, in the Caribbean, Japan, Australia and Indonesia. Surfers like Dane Reynolds, John John Florence, Kolohe Andino and Dion Agius provide the images for a graceful, often schizophrenic view of modern life with a surfboard under her arm and a passport in the Pocket. In the evening, which follows directly into the port from 22 Surf Film Festival party in the Odonien with music by Don Jay & Robophil by the combine elek’tro: nik mju: zik. Within walking distance to our Filmlocation, Cinenova, the free State Odonien perfectly reflects the diverse and unique program of the Festival and invites to apply for a visa for this unique journey in a slightly different world of the party. After dancing through the night, the Festival will be on Saturday night in the surf shop Frittboards continued. In the presence of over 300 boards, the type loads exhibition”and the screening of surfing & sharks” to a cosy evening in the improper and stocked with art shop. On the last day of the Festival, Sunday, the world tour with a bang the end approaching from 21: 00. The Germany premiere of the heart and the sea”by Nathan Oldfield looking surfers such as Dave Rastovic and Lauren Lindsey Hill in the and out of the water over the shoulder. It comes to understand the essence of surfing, the bond with the sea, as well as the components of family and friendship. Then increases with RAW”, Germany premiere, a graduation party, a sweeping blow of countless surf Nations Fourth with the perfect combination of stunning images and rousing beats on the canvas brings. RAW”is a cinematic work of art on the one hand, on the other hand, a kind of educational film with the best teachers you can imagine: Mr. Kelly Slater, Mr. Owen Wright, Mr. Taj Burrow, etc. There is more information about the event, and tickets at