Lastly Frankl

Fourth points out the existential frustration that can occur when someone insists so rigid and inflexible in get to a goal, which fails to achieve. The inability to make flexible goals or projects, and adapt them to the evolution of the present and their circumstances, make that a person can feel a frustration, difficult to manage. He Lastly Frankl conflicts of conscience, as the cause of this type of depression. This refers to situations in which a person lives in a way that contradicts its values, its principles or ideas. Expand the field of view, prevent the person from falling on the resignation of thinking that you there is future, radically change the actitudy not be identified with that mood, are recommended strategies to overcome the discouragement that comes in the lack of sense. Homo Faber – writes Frankl – is exactly what is known as a successful person; known only two categories and only thinks about them: success and failure. His photography You can be anyone obsessed with autotranscenderse through the production and material possession, and feels have the reins of its destiny. Many of them come to psychiatrists after staying out of play by any avatar, for example a disease. On the contrary, Homo Patiens, who has opted for most valuable attitudes, is situated and is aware of that can be carried out even in the most categorical disappointment, the most extreme disappointment, and the more intense disarray. Something that might scandalise who deposited their emotional well-being in productivity or the collection of objects. The change in attitude is undoubtedly key to move of Homo Faber Homo Patiens, and to overcome this type of depression, since how the own V. Frankl tells us: what we really need is a radical change in our attitude towards life. We need to learn by ourselves and then teach the desperate that it doesn’t really matter do not expect anything in life, but if you expect something of us life. We need to leave of ask questions about the meaning of life and, instead, think of us as beings to whom life inquiriere continuously and incessantly. Our reply should be made not of words nor nor meditation, but straight behavior and action.

Kevin Saunderson

Wave of Detroit techno quickly reached Europe, and this music became instantly diverge on European dance floors. Subsequently, it became much more popular in Europe than in the United States of America. This event is drawn to the emergence of European artists who worked in the Detroit techno, for example, Advent. But Detroit masters perceive with a small smile to the new masters of technology, probably just jealous? By 1987, in Detroit – the city of Motown and P-Funk – began to appear futuristic music styles. DJ's performed his own music in clubs. Then it was different music, but now it sounds the same. Specialists say it is – a synthesis of American P-Funk and European synthesizer music (New Order and Kraftwerk). Proprietary ingredient of Detroit techno is 'naked' funky sound of an analog synthesizer, and, most importantly, uhayuschy, dolbyaschy rhythm. Without parties there for vocals and podpevok. However, the revolutionary thing in the Detroit techno – a layering of rhythms, almost polymorphic. While this is not a formal set of rhythms, as in African tribal drum music: Detroit techno – a very simple music and is often used instead of the third quarters. Three main hero of Detroit techno – is Juan Atkins, Kevin Saunderson and Derrick May. The last of them – a very orthodox, heroic. This musician has written, say, The Dance. Rapid plate, the normal velocity drum besides strings and rhythmic tone line. Leading the rhythm faces other as in the Renaissance polyrhythm. Juan Atkins is still producing music, mixing it with the rhythm of the jungle.