Hip Hop Dancing

This hip hop, is a mess, if you do not know well. It turns out that Hip hop has multiple characteristics, and types of dance. If. Today we will discuss the Krump. The Krump is a style, what we like, hip hop, which comes from the word or meaning of: Krumping, come on, clown dancing, clowning, which is the same as saying the clown dancing. In California (Los Angeles) the dancer Thomas Johnson, the more notes of Gray Davis, gave shape and color to this style. The clown was called Tommy wasn’t any insult, but was by their funny dancing form. (Originally) dance with the painted face, and very exaggerated movements, of clown, now with very free movements, used especially in Championships. This notes began for the first time in 1992 on birthday, when he prepared a feast and liked so much that he had fans!, they called him (other name) – the clown of Hip Hop-. This style move, at the end became fashionable, and expanded rapidly, to more than 50 countries. In general, say that the current video-clips, are based on this style, although I here, I disagree. It has the characteristic of non-violence, although it seems everything otherwise seeing some rapid, aggressive movements especially in fighting Championships. A space where two dancers struggle with this dance, theatre plan is shared. Very interesting to see it.