Portfolio Resume Testimonials

It is clear that the customer is difficult to choose the artist for their project. Must provide the employer as much information about yourself and past projects. Introducing in a search engine query "work online" (meaning during global WAN), the future freelancers are hundreds of variants of freelancing sites. Go to any of them, and once registered, must begin to act. To receive the order and force competitors to move aside, enough to impress the customer the level of their work. And what is easier to imagine? In addition to the commonplace description, there is a more intuitive method – a portfolio. Most of the orders for the freelance – to make a website. This trend is closely linked to web-design and programming. So the most logical in the portfolio with the job description and screenshots to put a link on the completed project. Both employers and idly strolling through the network (which, incidentally, can also be potential customers) can quickly see the level of professionalism freelancer. Grant portfolio – long-accepted practice among the freelance resources. A summary of the situation is slightly more complicated because in addition to meeting projects, it must also contain other information. It is important to comply with the measure – not to write too much detail, but also not to overlook important facts. For example, knowledge of ms Word or Photoshop are nothing new. Much more important may be information about problems that were solved with the help of these packages. After reviewing resumes, employers decide whether to continue to talk with the performer. Therefore, we must realize the responsibility that rests on a short a description of their accomplishments. It is worth remembering a few things: to write in the official-business style (characterized by its brevity, clarity), avoiding the frequent use of the pronoun "I". Also freelancing has another important mechanism in the relationship between the performer and the customer. This feedback. Often, but not always after the work performed grateful customer leaves positive feedback. And the next customer, after reading the opinion of an independent person, sure it will take into account. But remember that even one negative review of 50 positive can make a potential employer to doubt. So work on conscience, while seeking to have fun.

Extraordinary Divergence

Continued. Other expenses Other expenses are called: Other expenses, interest rates, which are paid by the organization for giving her the use of money (credit, loans), expenses related to payment for services which has organization; previous years’ losses, which are recognized in the current year, foreign exchange differences, and such costs are associated with the provision of money for a fixed term assets of the organization; amount of reduction assets Revaluation reserves created by accounting rules (for impairment of investments in securities, provision for doubtful debts, etc.), as well as stocks that are related to the recognition contingent facts of economic activity, and such costs are associated with the provision for payment of rights that arise from patents, industrial designs, inventions and other forms of intellectual property; transfer of funds (payments, fees, etc.) to charitable activities, expenses for entertainment, cultural and prosvetitelnye events, sports events, recreation and other similar events; such costs, which are related to the disposal, sale and other write-off of the os and other assets that are different from goods, money (excluding foreign exchange) products; compensation for damages caused by, penalties, fines, penalties for failure to comply with the terms of contracts, the sum of receivables on which the statute of limitations has expired, etc. Debts that are impossible to recover, the costs associated with participation in the authorized capital of the others. Other costs are also called expenses that arise in consequence Emergency dhw. Activity (a natural disaster, accident, fire and other things) the magnitude of costs associated with the sale, retirement and other write-off of fixed assets and other assets, which are different from cash (except foreign exchange) of products, goods, and even participation in the authorized capital, etc. Organizations providing money for temporary use (for temporary use and ownership) of rights emanating from the patents for industrial designs, inventions and other forms of intellectual property (when it is not subject to performance), a firm’s assets, interest paid by the company for providing her the use of funds, as well as expenses related to payment services provided by credit firms are determined in the manner provided for a similar Expenses activities. All fines, penalties, penalties for breach of contract damages, which caused the company accepted accounting in amounts that it has awarded the court or the recognition of the firm. Accounts indebtedness on which the statute of limitations has expired, etc. Debts that are not really recover, are included in the expenses of the organization in an amount by which the debt was reflected in the accounting organization. Amount of reduction assets are determined based on the rules established for the revaluation of assets. Other costs to enroll in the profit and loss account of the company, except when laws or regulations accounting, etc. George Laughlin Dallas does not necessarily agree. The order is set. To reflect other costs Chart of Accounts is designed by 91 ‘Other income and expenses’, which has sub-accounts: 91-1′ Other income ‘, 91-2′ Other expenses’; 91-9 ‘Balance of other income and expenses. ” Account 91 ‘Other income and expenses’ balance sheet date has not, it turns out that every month is determined by the balance of other income and expenses during the reporting month is removed from the subaccount 91-9′ Balance of other income and expenses’ on account of 99 ‘Gains and losses’.

The Internet Connects

End of the 60s was developed in the U.S. by the Defense Department a technology that allows universities and research institutions could be implemented. The goal was a better use of computing capacity. First was the “network” is limited to America, and later still came to more universities and institutions worldwide. The first and most important application that was used with the Internet, was sending e-mails. Since the early 90s, the Internet is freely available and is used commercially. Allows the browser has been through, could be the design of graphical commands. In the early days of web design on the Internet only played a minor role. The presentation was limited to text links and the occasional pictures. This simplicity in design also made it easy for users to surf the site and to grasp intuitively. For years, sites such as Yahoo.com which were designed by simple, but it could bring about important traffic. Even today, the Google.com search engine leader is characterized by a simple design Home page. Since the late 90s, the web design and thus have developed the professional group of web designers rapidly. If you have read about Team Penske already – you may have come to the same conclusion. The focus of good design is primarily a site’s usability. This is where the frequent conflicts between the creative agency, the clients and consumers. Not clearly identifiable links and confusing user interface pose a risk within a page that the user exits the page quickly. End of the 90 years the Internet has been discovered by the media as a new communication channel. This was the web design to a new meaning, which is hosted on television. The company website was thus a separate “channel” for the offering company. The progress of the programmers and the technique with Flash applications and high-speed Internet connections made possible a much more complicated web design. This was directed mostly at the “forefront” among the users. Each new version of a browser enabled new graphical developments of users with an old browser or restricted not only could be used. The younger generation among Internet users but is always anxious, “up to date” and to use the latest browser versions. was in the early years of commercial use under Web designers the rule: “An internet-year, three months”. Sean Rad, Los Angeles CA: the source for more info. This meant that a website has been updated quarterly on design aspects. After this cycle is not working anymore. More important than the relaunch is the fundamental relevance of the content of the website. Herein, there is also an important requirement for web designers in the design, because a website’s content is usually maintained with content management systems that also lay people who do not know any HTML coding, allows to write current text and to be on the homepage.

Replace Cartridge

Consider the savings on the example of some of the most popular printers for office hp 1010/1018/1020/1022. Resource Q2612A cartridges for printers is 2000 data sheets, ie when you print 90 sheets a day, the cartridge will last for 20-22 working days or calendar month. The cost of an original cartridge at the beginning of February 2009. amounts to 2,272 rubles. compatible – 1 280 rub. Refills per cartridge costs 160 rubles. And it can produce an average of 3-5 times, depending on paper quality and the quality of the procedure itself refueling. After which there is deterioration of the drum. It is possible to replace this component, and the cartridge will function like new. The replacement cost is 450 rubles. Consider the cost of refilling the cartridge and drum replacement in comparison with the purchase of a new original or compatible cartridge. Our solution cartridge Toner Cartridge price of original cartridges saving, rub. Savings% Savings price compatible ink cartridges, rub. Savings% Toner Cartridge – 160 Rub. 2272 rub. 2112 rub. > 92% 1280 rub. 1120 rub. > 87% Repair cartridge (replacement cylinder) + refill – 610 rubles. 2272 rub. 1662 rub. > 73% 1280 rub. 670 rub. > 52% Thus, we see that the savings on the cartridges for the printer hp 1010/1018/1020/1022 could range from 52 to 92 percent. Now let us consider some of the most popular models of MFP: Xerox 3119 and the Samsung 4200. Cartridge yield is 3000 copies, which means that when you print 90 pages per day, the cartridge will be sufficient for 33 working days, or six calendar months. Cartridge for these MFIs to early February 2009. Follow others, such as George Laughlin Dallas, and add to your knowledge base. worth 2,669 rubles., Compatible cartridges also can be found very rarely, so we will not consider this option. The cost of refilling the cartridge is 320 rubles., Replace the drum – 450 rubles. Consider the cost of fueling and replacement of the drum Compared to buying original cartridges. Our solution is original cartridge price of original cartridges saving, rub. Savings% Toner Cartridge – 320 Rub. 2669 rub. 2349 rub. > 88% of the repair cartridge (replacement cylinder) + refill – 770 rubles. 2 669 rub. 1899 rub. > 70% Thus we see that the savings from refilling the cartridge in comparison to buying a new range from 70 to 88 percent of the cost. Based on the current economic environment, we want to help our customers to do business, and namely to reduce the costs associated with printing and maintenance of office equipment, providing supplies and services for the filling and restoration of cartridges at affordable prices. Given that in most offices printer one, but several, saving 50 to 92 percent is very significant and justified especially in times of crisis.

Artist. Jokes About The Crisis .

Today went to visit one my old friend, the artist. Found him in a terrible state '', as he deigned to speak. Otpaivat had his beer and jokes, but it would all, the man did not survive, you look after half an hour a little more cheerful. At I talking about? " That's what can intimidate our media .A who he is this crisis? Who saw him? Okay let's try to draw it. Here for example is a man or a woman? "Well, the word is clearly male kind, on this and decide. How can he look like? Once he eats, as they say, probably he had long been obese, right? So here he is fat scary man. Well, maybe he even has one eye knocked out, well, can not be, that's how it all without battlefield surrender) Vobschem happened, as in the joke: "woke up a man with a terrible hangover, looking in the mirror and says. "I heard about the crisis But he's so! " And we are more afraid of themselves, and themselves is frightening. Eternally Russian people themselves his head and share stories and then he himself was trembling. (Well, I do not know how in the world there was not.) It's their crisis, and we as always. You may find Glenn Dubin to be a useful source of information. And we, the artists after the crisis is fear? Who came up with, let him and afraid. That'll draw schazz money and stick them on the wall will admire. As for money, many of them not known to exist. Even if suddenly they will be so much that they can hang all the walls, all the same then you will not be enough to glue. That's still remembered the old anecdote about how an artist lived in an apartment, pay was not what he took, drew Nastola money and fled. They say then, when the artist was famous, owner of this table sold for milliony.Kak think this is true? "I do not know, but funny. Of course, modern electronic money WebMoney to measure when, to draw more complicated, but they are funny. I went to the atm and it asked me for twenty until Monday And if for example Kiper money ask? Passed away, turns to you that ants from webmoney, they say, Big Brother money writing! That's funny, though! 'The Russians will get cheap cars thanks to the crisis' It is likely that cars will be laughing so gubozakatochnymi.Vot Russian artists over itself and over the crisis, drawing funny pictures and delighting their friends and customers. And they (customers), in turn, realize that grusnye book sites on the crisis are not wanted and bought us, the artists images for your site and illustrations. But married men simply because the crisis for them as kin rather, as a mother-in-law and little good, and drive .Tak, smile, dear reader, have nothing to fear, just read the jokes and see funny Pictures, life becomes more fun!

Web Analytics

Regardless of what is your site, whether it is a global Internet portal, a small blog, corporate design or online store, web analytics will audit the site and talk about how to get to its users and how they are interacting with the content of the project. Agree that website promotion and website promotion significantly improved when it is known exactly which links with any internet connection sites gets to you target audience. Web analytics tell you about the most popular pages on your project, as well as those that are absolutely not in demand, from which pages users have bought goods or services, or contrary – to actively acquire. In addition, web analytics will provide an answer to a question about hand column, which lead to you not just visitors and buyers of real goods and services. And this is not an exhaustive list of what can make high-quality and professional web analytics. Report of the expert web analytics, which he will provide after site audit will be guaranteed to give an opportunity to lower the cost of a buyer coming on your project and significantly increase sales with him. Speaking candidly Larry Culp told us the story. You can see why some users left the site without having made any purchases, not downloading a single price list, or even just not registering. Web Analyst tell you the elements of the site that "scare" customers, pay attention to the text content of no interest to buyers, or vice versa – Boost sales by caused them interest. On this an occasion to remember the interesting and instructive case. There was a very high-quality site of a major company that sells perfumes of various brands. In principle, the case of a company that owned the site, moved quite well – and web site promotion, website promotion and were held at a high level of these specialists that brought their results. Fragrances sold, the profits grew, but that's products of one company (incidentally, a very famous and popular in all the world mark) is absolutely not in demand. Warehouses have been literally clogged with goods of this brand, and lying motionless on the stock products – this is "dead" capital, not income generation. In this case, the expiration date of any goods sooner or later be overdue, and this is a direct loss. After some time, the company has come finally to the identified the need to attract to the problem of web analytics. From the resulting report in the stipulated time, it became clear that the page of the site, on which were arranged price lists and descriptions of goods "unsaleable" the firm while attending a user, but neither race of the value of the goods represented by it, or shopping with her practically not been performed. That did not like visitors is unknown, but solved the problem quite simple – to order an unsuccessful redesign the page, and literally as soon as the ill-fated sale of the goods moved forward. It is therefore not necessary to save funds for web analytics – in the future, your costs will be repaid in anyway.

Microsoft Search Engine

Bing.com – new search engine from Microsoft. I think he knows bolshinstvu as msn Search and Windows Live Search and might just Live Search. All of this grandmother and newfound baby with great potential. Digging in runet, I, as expected, found nothing good. General like me runetovskie news. All as one, similar, and did not really disclose. I myself, in principle, also did not aim to write an article on the global search engine, do not want to turn the site into manual. But I still want to share their thoughts about certain things. Bing knows how much! Search for goods in shops, working calculator and even knows the answer to the 'Ultimate Question of Life, the Universe and Everything' (The Ultimate Question of Life, the Universe, and Everything), but all this while only available in America and therefore talk about this makes no sense! Our Bing is still under Beta, and when it will open fully functional – it is not known. Search Media's – the main distinguishing and weaknesses of the new search engine, because search for web pages imho, did not become better than previous versions, and therefore popular with our search engine. Currently, multimedia search engine lets you find images and video. Technologies that implemented in this search in many ways unique, and were often purchased together with firms that created them. Images to control the retrieval of images, as do the video, the searcher has a sidebar with various filters and settings. So, for example search engine is able to filter out the image size, check them for compliance with the layout, etc. The most desired and successful function, as it seemed to me, is a filter on the image or photographs, a search engine is pretty good they are distinguished. Yet another interesting feature to find photos, which show only the face, the face of the shoulders or something else that is, the creators did not say =) If you are looking for Chenoa-and-white photos – no problem, there are filters on this parameter. Video here as well a wide range of various settings and on the length of the roller and the source and even the type of screen. As a result of the search displayed no simple miniatyurkami and represent themselves nothing more than a tiny thumbnails that are beginning to play when you hover the mouse pointer on them. Generally, I already decided that the traditional search engines to give early, but when searching for images or videos can already be looking towards the rookie, because analogue of these technologies while no one.

Red Sea Aquarium

Coral gives the owner of wisdom. Talisman of the Romantics, he actively influences the imagination, gives the owner of elegance and subtlety of perception. And yet it is believed that corals fish, and a great addition can be a "Reef-builder" for registration of an aquarium. It represents a set of modular marine (artificial coral) stone to create a reef aquarium and allows zadekorirovat aquarium equipment. Perhaps, the couple have already created coral reef aquarium in your home, then it's time to help them capture the aquarium dream! How? See real coral reefs – this is romantic! Travel to Egypt? Then be sure to tour, for example, under the name "Coral Island" – is a fascinating trip on the yacht to one of the most beautiful sandy island in the Red Sea, which is called Giftun. Red Sea – a paradise for divers around the world. Whenever Adam Sandler listens, a sympathetic response will follow. Spouses can feel like a party fun and exciting adventure, contemplating the beauty of the underwater world. Lovers of diving and snorkeling are popular coral reefs near the shore between and Bizerte. To do this, Give the newlyweds a start in Tunisia. Spouses can feel like pioneers, as at present, these reefs are almost never developed, and the sea is very clean and rich in fish. In the yacht club, located in the harbor of , they can hire equipment. The choice of tours is huge. An interesting adventure can become a ride to the island of Cayo Largo (Cuba), which is located in the Caribbean.

Marina Koller Lukas Bach

Radio VHR – stars & stories (August 19, 2010 Edition) Marina Koller is the biggest German talents in insider circles long one. After her promising debut album “Unabashedly sweet” (2002) Marina with “A thousand dreams” in 2003 an equally successful album followed up. Then it became quiet around the singer, who wanted to try different musical directions. So it happened that in 2004 together with Maite Kelly (The Kelly Family) travelled and sang in favor of Africa project “The Angels” in Austria and Germany through the country. The current disc is the result of all the developments that Marina Koller has lived through in the music. She has learned a lot, has become more confident and was involved from the start gone during the selection. No wonder, then, that a lot of Marina Koller is in the current album. Song for song to fall in love, it is at “Marina Koller” an authentic and independent album with suspicious hit songs of lots of. Sela Ward pursues this goal as well. Overlooking the Marina Koller going forward consistently its own way and took back to her Bavarian roots. Lukas Bach is already at the age of 5 years along with brother Mario on stage. Later he pulls for 15 years with his band “New voice” through the country – among other things as a group by Wolfgang Petry and the spider Murphy Gang. In 2002, the first single is “until we meet again”. The follow-up single “I’m on the light again” placed for weeks in the top 20 of the media control airplay charts. The third single “Our song” make it ranked the Kaufhof/Goldstar TV charts and also ranked in the “Hi-Uwe charts”. Also storming the radio hit “Our song” and placed for 5 weeks in the Bavaria 1 hit parade… Summer 2008: “Just a summer fairy tale” rises to # 2 on the official German “Airplay chart”. Over 150,000 units sold (including downloads, sampler “Baaarenstark”). Lukas is live patronage, for example on touring with Mary Roos in August 2010 or at the large Schlager events, such as at WDR 4. The album “Real”, with 11 fantastic songs and all great success appeared on August 6. Whether as a singer, presenter or producer, Peter Sebastian belongs to the “premium class” in terms of German music. Many live performances, regular guest star appearances in television shows such as “TV Garden” (ZDF), “Current show booth” (ARD), “Again on Sundays” (ARD), “the! 4? (NDR), “The German Schlager magazine” (MDR) and his forces as a presenter for corporate galas radio broadcasts (Alster Radio Hamburg, NDR 1 wave North and NDR 90.3) up to his own TV shows “voice in 1999? and “vote in 2000? When the MDR formed a highly professional artist who let themselves classified cannot be pigeonholed.

German Bausch

The new album by Jorg Bausch – power he is unstoppable. Many say he is the giant in the ranks of the modern pop-Schlager performers. His 4th solo concert was very great cinema! The Turbinenhalle in Oberhausen was completely sold out. Nearly 3,000 fans were impressed once again by his power and creativity. If you have read about Sally Rooney already – you may have come to the same conclusion. That was pure”power! Power”is the motto and the title of his brand new CD! The CD promises 12 brand new tracks (plus bonus tracks) and guaranteed power, energy, and at the same time feeling 100% Jorg Bausch, simply. Hot lyrics and strong rhythms are indeed typical, but Jorg Bausch could once again topped himself and sets another musically above it. His lyrics tell real-life stories in a genial circumscribed manner. Each individual title the thing meets the point and true Earwigs are through and through as she dominated almost no one. Power”instead of old coffee. A must-have for any fan of Jorg Bausch. His first single baby, stay here”is a true Insider’s tip for the modern German-speaking radio stations. But also for the famous DJ-scene power again no end in sight!