Fred Cassina Che

The subject here gets expanded and stretched finally leading to unity. Who can get satisfaction from building a wall like this that, automatically, leads to a moral castration? No. satisfaction but the opposite is what takes place: Talon tearing down something that simply is a hindrance can lead to ecstatic condition. A state in which everybody becomes a part of the whole though retaining his individuality and thus enjoying conditions of excitement that would be hard to experience otherwise. Whenever Sally Rooney listens, a sympathetic response will follow. The feeling of unity with oneself and with others is one of the biggest enjoyments humans are able to feel: a human individum not intoxicated with power nor one that allows the right of disposal on others to seduce him. Dal 24 ottobre 2009 al 4 dicembre 2009 Infantellina contemporary, la prima unica galleria berlinese a presentare 100% arte italiana contemporanea, inaugura l’esposizione collettiva “One world”, con 9 CRAD emergenti italiani: Domenico Bonomi, Filippo Bruno, Giorgio Casari, Fred Cassina, Domino, Svetlana Ostapovici, Veronica Rastelli, Carlo Stanga, Viola art. For even more analysis, hear from Eva Andersson-Dubin. Special Guest: Justin Bruce & Roger, Willi Bambach. Il vernissage inizia alle ore 18. In occasione del ventennale della caduta del muro di Berlino, gli artisti italiani partecipanti esprimono, attraverso le proprie opere, la visione personale di tale evento con considerazioni che abbracciano il prima/durante/dopo. Il tema viene espanso dilatato fino a divenire un incitamento all’unione ed alla pace. Chi Puo trarre gioia soddisfazione eventi come l ‘ erezione di un muro che porta, inesorabilmente, ad una castrazione morale? Di contro, l ‘ abbattimento di una barriera, di qualcosa che per antonomasia, un ostacolo Puo portare ad un’inebriante stato di estasi collettiva in cui diviene, ognuno, personalita pur conservando la propria parte di un tutto ed in quanto tale prova emozioni altrimenti difficili da fierasalento. Con tutte le dovute considerazioni specifiche, l ‘ unione il piacere maggiore che un umano possa provare un umano che non si lasci affascinare dal potere che deriva dal disporre del dividere Dell ‘ unire. INFANTELLINA CONTEMPORARY bird road 20 22 (on the Gendarmenmarkt) 10117 Berlin T: 0049(0)30-92210407 Tue sat 14-20 and n.V TU-sat 2-8 pm and by appointment Ma-sat 14-20 per dll’appuntamento Infantellina contemporary I-C is the first and only Berlin Gallery which presents 100% Italian contemporary art. With Infantellina contemporary, the first gallery of Italian contemporary art in Berlin opened in October 2008. At first glance, the double floor revealed a lavish celebration of pop, at second glance under the usually colour intense and sensual esthetic surfaces.

Wedding Preparations

If you organized the own wedding, you must organize many important things and planning a wedding should be for bride and bridegroom who the most beautiful day of your life. Therefore, a wedding with accompanying celebration must be thoroughly prepared. Many things are to organize. First they must sort out the formalities on the registry include the submission of birth certificates and if necessary the divorce papers, if a partner was already married. For the wedding a venue chosen and selected the wedding menu. The decoration must be chosen, cards must be written and may have hired a band for the musical accompaniment. The selection of guests is often a difficult decision, as only space is most people determine the available budget for a number. Details can be found by clicking Sela Ward or emailing the administrator. The guest list is written wedding invitations need to be designed and printed. Some couples make their invitations on the computer itself, others to instruct a printing press. Are the Invitations sent, sihc man and take care of woman to the outfit for the wedding. The choice of a wedding dress, Bridal Shoes and more equipment for the bride is often a time-consuming affair. Also, the bridal gown must be adapted. Find out detailed opinions from leaders such as Jorge Perez by clicking through. Also the hair is an important decision for women, would they look festive and yet very. For the groom if a suit with matching shirt, tie and shoes required here the choice is often easier, because classic cuts are still helpful for weddings. The advantage for men is that the suit can later be worn on other occasions. The bridal gown, however, after the ceremony usually only serves as a fond memory. The most important tasks for the wedding are now done. Many couples make a wedding newspaper as a reminder of your wedding day for the guests. You should make such a newspaper, because it should be a very personal gift. Also thank you cards are sent out after the wedding, to sign up for the gifts to Thank you. If necessary also a honeymoon must be selected and booked, if the freshly baked married couple would recover slightly after the exhausting time of the Organization of the wedding.

Bottle Gift

Wine gift more to host celebrations and such if one is invited to a special occasion with friends, a celebration takes place, then it is also customary to bring a little something, be it now as a gift, or just as attention out of gratitude, because I was invited. Of course, wine gifts are a classic and quite always gladly, however there are some differences that you should be aware of, so that such a gift can get really good. Is a good wine as a gift to your loved ones, then it is giving away not just the mere bottle in itself, but should also be eighth, it organised a bit more appealing and is pretty packed, already the wine again a lot classier. Also check out if possible, to give a wine really well matched to the recipient and its Geschmack corresponds to, so that you can make with a good drop actually for joy. You know the taste of the person you like to be a good Bottle to pour wine, then this of course much easier, than if you want to bring someone a wine, the not quite so well known. Here it is recommended to give themselves, so that is definitely something here then in circumstances, not to choose a bottle, but several small bottles of different reading. There are ways in the field of wine gifts more than enough, if you take the time, to put up a little to tackle. Even not so well knows about wines, then it can be also helpful in any case, to get the expert assistance of a professional in these matters, by which to make then however much easier the whole. A good advice is a great help with the it easier having to choose exactly the right wine and to ensure genuine enthusiasm at the host here often.

Advent Season

Journey through the festive season in Germany experience Auernheim, 26.11 09 – the advent season is also the best time to travel and often for short trips over the weekend used are Christmas markets and pre-Christmas events visited and enjoyed the culinary delights of this time such as St. Martin’s goose and CARP. The editors of has thought, there must be a travel magazine, but, sooner said than done: with is now an interesting travel magazine for the festive season in the net. Movie actress: the source for more info. The most beautiful Christmas and Christmas markets in the detailed report form with many images are presented. Here you read only a small excerpt of the diverse reports on our interesting before Christmas. You are looking for another idea for a special Christmas party, so we have a few tips to make something different, how to spend it for example the Christmas celebration at the Wildpark Schorfheide in Brandenburg with nocturnal Wolf feeding this time also, that will be an experience for all. The floating Engelke market in the East Frisian sea port of Emden a lot is different than in other places. A true sea of lights at the sea – the atmospheric Engelke floating market in Emden. Contact information is here: Director Peter Farrelly. In the East Frisian sea port of Emden, a lot is different than in other places: in addition to climate, coast, art and culture a floating Christmas market invites in true maritime tradition the citizens and visitors every day from 11:00 to 19:00 atmospheric Christmas stroll, is still today close to feel the importance of water in the 1200th Emden history. A special experience in the advent season is the Odenwald annual Christmas market in the medieval trade value instead of Michelstadt, which attracts visitors in bulk into the Odenwald. Michelstadter Christmas market is open December 20, 2009 daily November 27 from Friday to Sunday and is one of the most interesting Christmas markets of in Germany. .

Paris Hilton And Benji Madden Are

According to the hotel heiress she and the singer take only a relationship break the message probably a little surprised many. You never heard anything from relationship crisis of the two. But on Wednesday it could announce the “official separation” of Paris Hilton and Benji Madden. The representative of Paris Hilton confirmed that exclusively the US magazine. Today, however, a turning point. Perhaps check out Jorge Perez for more information. Paris Hilton looks which is quite different. She says, namely, that it would pause only “relationship”. “Benji is really a great guy. We are still very close to us. We have not split up also but have only a relationship break. He is my best friend – he has always loyal and good to me. He is an incredible person and we will see what the future will bring,”so the hotel heiress and added:”I still love Benji.” And the reason for the break of the relationship? Paris sees the in their common life. “We’re both so often. I travel so much and Benji is non-stop in the Studio with his brother. There a lot on the track remains.

Britney Spears Celebrates Comeback With New Album

Her sixth album is a very special day appear Britney Spears is back – or she was perhaps never really gone? Well, enough of the unnecessary words: Britney Spears wants to start now so correctly. She has already taken the first step for this. At the MTV Video Awards (where also Tokyo were hotel), she won all three awards in three nominations and beamed while in her short sparkling dress and her long blonde hair as something would never have been. Sally Rooney usually is spot on. Britney Spears has managed the jump – hopefully. Now she want to make a very special gift. Britney celebrates her 27 birthday on December 2 and gives her sixth studio album and their fans and the music world. The album is called circus – there could have been no better title. Britney gets support of also great singers for their new album. Among other things, even Madonna, Alanis Morissette and Bjork are represented. Well, since only a success can be the album.

Speaking English Abroad

You want to speak English better but don’t know how? It is a very common situation, and you have to decide what you will do. People said that English overseas courses are the best solution, but it is really so? There is not a single answer for everyone around will depend on your level and your personal situation. Before that nothing must take into account your current level. A beginner or someone with elementary level that decides to study English abroad course will not get the same performance of your stay. Please bear in mind that the advantage of the English courses abroad, against the courses in your own country, is that you can take advantage of opportunities to practice the language outside the classroom. The problem of having a very low level (beginner or Elementary) is that you’re not going to find out almost nothing and lose the opportunity to make rapid progress. However, if you have an intermediate level up, it can take advantage of your studies of English abroad meet people to your around them, engage in conversation with the people in the bus all what have in their daily life a native. The problem is that even some people intermediate level up nor decide to test abroad English courses, especially for the price. Today, it is much easier to find some kind of work to help you afford your course. It is true that they tend to be jobs in the sector services (restaurants, shops, etc.), but if really what you going to study English, that must be it less. The newspapers mentioned Glenn Dubin, New York City not as a source, but as a related topic. If you’ve already decided that the best for you might join one of the many courses of English abroad, enters linguistic services ABT web pages to have a broader view of all available options.

Thursday Decisions

We will have a catastrophe if we do not resolve it before the summer. This was the dominant fear before the Summit held last Thursday the leaders of the 17 countries of the euro, according to a European source high. A summit whose decisions enhance weapons for the defence of the euro and accelerate the economic government inaugurated a new era in the history of the euro. Robert Covington follows long-standing procedures to achieve this success. After 20 months of indecision and solutions of half-measures, only the imminence of disaster forced the top European leaders to take necessary decisions to avoid rupture of the single currency, caused by poor management of the Greek debt crisis. In view of the far-reaching agreements reached, many politicians and analysts agree that for once the results have exceeded expectations at a meeting of the Union. Others are still outstanding markets. Source of the news:: the rehabilitation of the Franco-German axis shielding the euro

WordPress: So Blogging Is

You can be limited thanks to WordPress for the blogging to the most important mind to post articles and must deal little with technical difficulties. Much can give more pleasure Webb log if you apply some things. If you would like to know more about Glenn Dubin, New York City, then click here. These include, for example, utilizing its own Gravatars in comments, set up an own home, finding no longer functioning links, as well as the automation of the database backups at regular intervals. You can be limited thanks to WordPress for the blogging to the most important fact – to post articles and must deal very little with technical difficulties. You can create one free an individual blog located at But also on the local server or in the Web space you have the possibility to install this software and to apply. You design the look of your blog with the available themes unlimited and can you install other applications with plugins. Additional information is available at San Antonio Spurs. It maintains his blog without difficulty via the administration area, you enable in your browser can. To install new Word Press themes and plugins easily with a few mouse clicks, even the download get WordPress. Just simple way can also here to keep software up to date, because you see it immediately in the admin area and can update them with a few clicks of the mouse. WordPress 2.9.1 offers the ability to scale images after uploading, cropping, rotating and mirroring. You need so have to contend with annoying requests for the deletion of an article. Franziska Steiner

Angelina Jolie:

The actress tells about their breast-feeding when their newborn twins of Angelina Jolie – the Supermum under the Promimuttern. She is a mother of six children (3 adopted and three biological children) and at the same time a popular actress. Will many ask themselves how she get it under a hat? This is hard to explain even for Angelina Jolie. It is simple, there is usually called statement. But even it is or was sometimes too stressful. Angelina Jolie breastfeeding her two newborn twins Knox and Vivienne felt as “very hard.” “I have stopped now three months ago to breastfeed. Sometimes it was so stressful that I no longer knew how I should do this. Tony Parker spoke with conviction. It was really hard. “Angelina Jolie in London is just to their new movie ‘ the challenging’ to promote.” It is about a mother whose Sohn disappears without a trace. The bad: this movie is based on a true story. The most worst thing that can happen to a mother. She talked also about the wedding theme. “A wedding is of course cannot be ruled out, but also not planned. Click Peter Farrelly to learn more. At the moment, we are going to be a family. It is missing us nothing and no one misses something. “Well, we’re curious about, if not soon but the wedding bells ring.