Munchener Freiheit

The King of Majorca is an avowed supporter of the Cappuccinos and want to get the guys the relevant clubs on Malle to the page. With this rat-sharp party-mix, that shouldn’t be a problem, but the album has to offer plenty of other hits. Just the start song a night alone with you”is a love song with a beautiful catchy refrain, spiced with erotic. Perfectly arranged choirs encircle the sound of pop MD number. That the Cappuccinos are yet to have all has spread now after their search of woman in the Bild Zeitung. “The title single hotel” plays with the sufferings of the single life and the eternal are leaving. The song is a hit with rock guitars and still a wonderful dance floor filler. Also here we touch without question on hit. “In the James Bond sound is the song Kiss secretly agents” therefore. Disco meets Schlager and all bondschen film score influences. With his Bee Gees song choirs is a real blockbuster disarmingly original and for each party. But also great emotions and balladeske numbers found on party on the Moon”their space. An outstanding title with depth is the stage the farewell song “remains today without light”. A King does lines of text as dies behind the scenes to the beggar you”put the content part of a song, which is unquestionably one of the highlights of the album. “The love ballad got you feeling” radiates pure emotionality and convinced by Rene’s emotional vocals. “The melancholy final Ballad of album patch for my heart” goes directly to the heart and will help many listeners with acute heartbreak over the first pain of separation boundaries. “” In addition to 13 new titles and the aforementioned remix of the single party on the Moon”with Jurgen Drews even the newly mixed bonus tracks can be found on the album all my sweet love” (Remix), Mach I me to the clown “(Remix) and Unkissed (Remix)” on the disc. ” The Cappuccinos prescribe us with the album party on the Moon”a feeling of love, lightness, and honesty. The new modern sound and reminiscent of the Munchener Freiheit set singing of the four guys make the phonogram unique in the Schlager genre. Young and modern the Schlager is celebrated here with much dedication tomorrow.