Classic Switzerland – Lucerne

We can say that Lucerne – is the essence of Switzerland, because here the best that is in our country, are gathered in one place, namely the city, lake and mountains. Whatever you expect from the city, he will not disappoint you. Fashionable boutique Lucerne – excellent place for shopping. Its charming Old Town – a huge selection of shops and boutiques for every taste, it's typical Swiss products such as chocolates, exclusive watches and jewelry brands, as Clothing and fashion accessories. Shopping in Lucerne – a real pleasure, Old Town, a pedestrian zone, and all the shops close to each other. Lucerne Festival City – is the Swiss city of festivals, as he was, and scene remains an eclectic mix of cultural and musical events. Lucerne beating heart with the music and for music, and always has been, a world-famous musicians, conductors and orchestras are warm welcome.

Known Lucerne Festival offers concerts throughout the year in the spectacular kkl Luzern (Culture and business center of Lucerne), created by French architect Jean Nouvel, is one of the jewels in the crown of Lucerne. Culinary Lucerne, fertile, fruitful region, located on Lake Lucerne – the place where it was invented by a traditional dish of pasta and potatoes Alpenmagronen. But this, of course, not all. Creative people in Central Switzerland transforming his precious city in the binding to visit "the metropolis of gastronomy. Only in the Lucerne, a huge number of places "gourmet", and among them, 16 restaurants, sharing a 250 points Gault Millau.

That look Transport Museum – huge collection of railway locomotives, aircraft, bicycle, car and other models, having regard to the history of transportation. Chapel Bridge – the card of the city. First half of 14 century. In the first half of the 17 century there were painted panels on the ceiling. Monument "Dying Lion" – one of the most famous in the world. He was cut in the rock in memory of the heroic death of Swiss Guards. This is just Some of the attractions of the city. From Lucerne, you can also go on excursions to the mountains of Riga, Titlis, Pilatus. There is always plenty to choose from!