Decor Decorate Blank

Who not has opted once for this color when in doubt? Opt for white is often bet on insurance, but in decoration in other occasions can become also a daring decision, even risky. And use it in certain spaces or some furniture can be a declaration of principles. But let’s be practical and go on insurance. Although white may appear visually unattractive, is a real Joker which allows effectively not only combine with other colors, but also facilitates the combination of all kinds of materials, sean Woods, metals, plastics, textiles and more even if it’s decorating spaces with wood floors. Many decorators opt for white walls, among other reasons, because they tend to be more economical, create harmony, emerge simplicity and elegance turn, offer luminosity, create spaciousness and neatness, and are a classic, that is, do not pass of fashion. The secret lies in the choice of accessories, mirrors, cushions, curtains, paintings, carpets, and the combination of colors; neutral if you prefer a romantic decor; Green, to transmit freshness; grayscale for expressing modernity; chocolate tones, for warmth, or, simply eye-catching colors eye! without going over-, to show personality.

The secret lies in attempting to maintain a balance. Fans of white color you have in the paragraph inspiration gallery in the website of tinekhome fantastic examples of decoration in white. Dare to combine, it is fun and the results can be very personal and original. Source: Yaencontre.