Holotropic Breathwork

In such cases, for example, use the techniques of Holotropic Breathwork, rebrefing. By the same author: Anna Belknap. Effects of the use of such techniques in the home or without an instructor, may be nepredskazumy and dangerous. I did not practice. In my opinion, there are other, not dangerous in its consequences breathing techniques that help release once stuck in the body of energy. Basic principles for the use of relaxation techniques. Relaxation through breathing exercises.

The easiest way is concentration on breathing, when breathing in man realizes his feelings. Relaxation for the lazy. When you are very tired and have no desire to do the exercises, Treat yourself to a warm bath, preferably with herbs. Well help the needles, birch leaves and herbal tincture of valerian, hops and oregano. Relaxation using dynamic methods. The simplest dynamic meditation. Just turn on music you like and dance. However, it may happen that your body needs now is a completely different approach.

The exercise which I would like to offer you, requires some skill, but trust me, it's worth it! Select secluded place, spacious enough, where you will not be disturbed, where you can freely and safely move. Cover your eyes, focus on the feelings of the body. Celebrate everything that attracts your attention inside of yourself. Perevidite attention to your breathing. Listen to him. Some time just keep track of your inhale and exhale. Let your breath be smooth, continuous, without pauses. After some time, breathing becomes more easy and superficial, it fills him your whole being.