President Dictator

Kadafi made the harvest Antonio Padilha de Carvalho The sowing is facultative, but the harvest is obligator, obligatory, equnime, invariable. Captured alive for combatants of its Nation, without action, the old dictator, now old gentleman, dirty, fedido, sweating, moving, unhairing, cries out: ' ' They do not go off! ' ' Died in Sirta, its native, recognized city world-wide for making in such a way badly, the former-king, former-emperor, former-colonel, former-dictator, former-god, former-everything, finishes in the ditch, entrenched for former-allies who esfomeados for oil, being able, forget the diplomacy, is defenders of the pseudo-democracy, and it cries out: ' ' They do not go off! ' ' In the dust, in the dirt, the mouth-of-wolf of its Lybian cradle, the implacable dictator, of arregalados eyes, already dominated, projects for the world the last match of the life, way sonmbulo, half choroso, to moan with weak noise, nor flat nor sustenido, kicks, collisions, attacks by teen street gang, shouts and sacolejos to inquire: it saw, came where you to stop? it, almost without voice: ' ' They do not go off! ' ' In these almost 42 years of being able, of glory, fame, anxieties that pungem mrbidas attitudes of State, of slaughter of rebels, of I gush out of blood of innocents, of the vile game of inconsequential dictator, thousand of seeds had been launched, the sowing was accomplished. Now that it was knocked down, mumbles: ' ' They do not go off! ' ' Left-hand side effluvia and fatal disequilibria of the proper brothers, stimulated for the Organization of Treated to the North Atlantic (NATO), for the powerful flags, had determined heard moucos to the possible apelos; To keep living creature an agent of the death pra that? At last, Muamar harvests what always it planted, never heard, never negotiated, it never dialogued and the people went off. Instead of field-saint, legal medical institute; Instead of virgin land and morna, refrigerator and exposition for many photographs. Muamar, finished entering in a cold! Antonio Padilha de Carvalho, practicing attorney; after graduated the areas of the Right of the State; Education and Philosophy; Academic of Geografia/UFMT; President of the IMPDrog- Institute Weed de Preveno to the Drugs.