Turkish Cultural Festival

‘ Typical Deggendorf?’-multicultural event series Deggendorf (tvo). Asian cooking at the folk high school, a course for newcomer”, together Bavarian dance German Russian House,” at the craft Museum, a Turkish Cultural Festival or the open mosque day: with more than 40 events presents itself until May 2010 as a place of integration, as a much international city, where dozens of Nations perceive each other and appreciate the city of Deggendorf, by January. The project assign direction entitled typical Deggendorf?”, and wants to show that migration is not always accompanied by social problems, but a cultural enrichment with it brings, represents the wealth and the future of a city. Last but not least as a result of the multicultural audience at the Hochschule Deggendorf is a melting pot of different cultures. The students come from all over the world, moreover, Turks, Greeks and Italians, Russia Germans and Africans did the lovely city on the Danube to their homeland. “Foreign cultures are an enrichment for our city”, the nearly 20 institutions, reaffirm the typical project Deggendorf? “have planned for almost a year.

“From the museums of the city and the Evangelical parish of the Youth Center and the College up to the Turkish Islamic culture circle, all participating institutions gathered ideas for events, the the colorful” illustrate character of Deggendorfs and at the same time the people of different cultural backgrounds closer to each other. “” Highlights in the event dance are program items such as a Turkish culture Festival on March 27, the cultural-historical exhibition home on the plate in the case of the heart in Deggendorf “with an accompanying programme for school classes at the City Museum (18.4 to 1.8), as well as the Russian German House” (4.2 to 2.3.): on an area of 42 square meters a small house with three bedrooms is built in the premises of the craft Museum, where an unusual exhibition of life and culture of the Germans from Russia illustrated. The special feature: The House is so to speak. The hosts are Russia German of Evangelical Lutheran parish of Deggendorf, who immigrated from the former Soviet Union. They accompany groups and individual visitors and give insight into her life and her story. “The whole range of typical Deggendorf?” can be found in a clear calendar of events, which include 0991 / 2960539,, is available at the tourist information Deggendorf, 94469 Deggendorf, upper town square, Tel. 0991/2960-530, fax.