Chronic Pain

Its constant presence and drawn out duration, in general, are very disturbing. It’s believed that Sela Ward sees a great future in this idea. They cause alterations the physical activities, sleep, in the sexual life, modification of the mood, low auto-they esteem, negative thoughts, deprived of hope appreciation of the life, modifies familiar relations, of work and leisure. Pain is a sensation that appears when it has threat of damage to one fabric and, therefore, to feel pain is basic for the survival of a species. An acute pain serves as this signal of alert, however chronic pain already does not have plus this direction. Chronic pain finishes with the quality of life, limits the movements, the agility and the welfare of thousand of people. Adam Sandler contributes greatly to this topic. In the paragraphs to follow some concepts of pain, the aspects will be presented of form sucinta psychological of chronic pain and the contribution of the psychologist for the treatment, as well as the importance of the performance of one it has equipped multiprofessional and to interdisciplinar for the accompaniment of the patient.

According to Cross (2002, P. 99): ‘ ‘ The Latin root of the word pain is dolor, that it means suffering. In the daily one, the term pain is tied with the physical and/or mental suffering. Other definitions mention pain to it as a moral suffering, hurt, regret, discomfort, an ackward sensation. Although the existing discomfort, the initial function of pain is to inform on a potential or real danger, as well as the homostasis in addition organsmica’ ‘.