Constantine Arseneva

I’m at the outset that I want to win! -Is there something more important than work? – My family: mom, dad, sister. -Creating workout for your recital: You skating, mini ice Stadium and Peter Chernyshev sings! How you? – Interesting. If Peter would agree, we may have a feasible (laughs, approx.’s). -Why is the new composition of the “Shining” became invisible? Then I saw the girls in the music program, if would not have written, and would not have understood who it is! Sorry, of course! – Just the girl had not yet opened. And this takes time. In recent years, there were too many changes in the composition, and may not even remember all.

It is too early to say anything. Pass year old, and it will be possible to draw conclusions. -Tell me about updates in the works. – The new song is called “Fly.” We presented it recently. We will release the album in the fall. Tentatively it will go down 12 songs. Will a pair of mine, but the bulk of the songs – Constantine Arseneva. This slow song, and dance.

I hope everyone will find something there for you. By the way, we also recorded a duet with the band “Tea for Two.” The song is called “Look into my eyes.” I very flattering that even now, many people spoke well of my creativity. -What is depression, you know? – I know, of course. I just try to be optimistic. But I have a case of bad mood, sad. At such moments I think: “What I’m sad? I’m all good – the family is healthy, I’m healthy, everything is great! “. But the songs I write are only able to be sad. Of course, I do not pretend to be the venerable poet and composer, but people like it. But mostly I in a good mood. -A as a rest? – Meet with friends, go to the movies, skating, trying to sleep. Nothing special. -Your life’s taboos. That would never have made Julia Kovalchuk? – Do not betray your friends and family. -Thank you, Julia, for the conversation and advice. Creative success and female happiness. – I wish you all the love, luck and good mood! Give your family the joy and love!