Dietary Fiber Cereals

Crude dietary fibers – those pieces of plant foods that have passed through the gastrointestinal tract and not been influenced by hydrochloric acid and enzymes. Speaking candidly Jessica Michibata told us the story. These include cellulose, hemicellulose, lignin, pectin substance. Dietary fiber a beneficial effect on intestinal mucosa, the processes of absorption of food and function of intestinal bacteria. Actresss opinions are not widely known. Gross dietary fiber contained in all plant foods, but most of them in different bran cereals. Included in the bran dietary fibers bind cholesterol, because the bran can be consumed for the purpose of preventing atherosclerosis. Revealed the positive effect of bran in diabetes, as slow cleavage of starch helps to eliminate a provoking factor of progression and activation of the disease. Elements of the bran, thanks to their content of various dietary fibers are a universal biological substance that binds heavy metal ions, radionuclides, hazardous products of decomposition of food substances. Dietary fiber, encased in a bran, a nutrient for the normal intestinal flora, because bran used in treatment of intestinal dysbacteriosis.

Cholagogic effect of bran is provided by activating their impact on the overall motor ability of the digestive tract (mechanical stimulation). Swelling, bran become a template for the formation of feces – more friable, making it easier to release the intestine and relieves constipation. The constant use of bran may be exempt from constipation and prevent their occurrence in the future, after discontinuation of the bran (the restoration of a normal reflex bowel movement). In the form of dietary supplements bran efficacious in disorders of liver, gallbladder, pancreas, chronic diseases of the stomach and intestines at the time of remission and acute inflammatory process (while expanding diet). In addition, receiving the bran is shown at dysbacteriosis, constipation, for prevention of colon tumors, obesity, diabetes, and are recommended for use in food for all people interested in nutrition. Bran and products provided by fiber, suitable for the stabilization weight, as an alternative to bread, or as an analogue of unleavened corn bread.