The natural and architectural beauty of Santiago de Cuba and Baracoa, in the East of the Pearl of the Caribbean, can be seen also through an excursion from the heights that will show you, in all its magnitude, the landscape of are villages founded by the Spanish conquerors centuries 1511 and 1515. If you have read about movie star already – you may have come to the same conclusion. Archaeologists claim that the town of our Lady of the assumption of Baracoa (in Guantanamo Province), was erected on 15 August 1511 and had the primacy of having become the first capital and first bishop of the insula, for its proximity to the island of Hispaniola (in 1518 received the title of city, although the corresponding shield was not conferred until more than three centuries), while Santiago de Cuba villa became 1515. You can appreciate the immensity of Baracoa minutes before landing when the plane plan above the Bay. You will immediately see the beautiful vegetation of the region to revel in the Tufts of coconut palms, growing them in cocoa and be astonished with the view panoramic view of that spell. Quite rightly it is a national monument, by both its architecture and its natural attractions, such as the honey River or Rio Toa. Full satisfaction you will feel it when you look from the heights a mountain flattened 575 meters above sea level, known as the anvil of Baracoa, for his resemblance to that used by blacksmiths to your work piece.

The tour begins in the eastern city of Santiago de Cuba, second in importance of the greater of the Antilles, which holds the privilege of enjoying its status as capital of the Caribbean, favoured by its geographical position and its centuries-old history. All that culture was strengthened after the Haitian revolution of Toussaint Louverture in 1791, when hundreds of French emigrants arrived from Santiago and introduced the coffee culture in Cuba and their habits. It is considered the cradle of the revolution and in 1984 be declared city hero and receiving the order Antonio Maceo, only country with that title that defines his profound Patriotic vocation and exalts the revolutionary and selfless spirit of its people. The reality of the dream of being able to appreciate the natural beauties of the cities of Santiago de Cuba and Baracoa, from the heights, is offered to tourists Thursday and Sunday using the option An excursion to Baracoa by air. Cruise is a fabulous opportunity since includes, a brief stay in the Hotel El Castillo, excellent vantage point to enjoy this villa and taste their typical colonial Baracoa and the Baracoa drinks. Ostentation is not only from the heights: hikers will walk through the historical centre and know about their historical, cultural and heritage values. A visit could not miss to the famous Cruz de la Parra, nailed by Cristobal Colon at the entrance to the Bay of Porto Santo in 1492 and is exhibited in the Catholic Church.

Excursion ends at the malecon and along the coast will be tour bus, and then will come into contact with the bounties of nature of Baracoa, land where cocoa is grown. Especially visit the socio-cultural trail dedicated to cocoa. The offer includes: the tourist Duaba farm, a stroll through the Toa River and a Creole lunch at the ranch. Before returning to Santiago de Cuba, hikers will make a short stay in Porto Santo Hotel to perhaps dreaming about this unique paradise of the Caribbean or say goodbye to Baracoa with a look of longing to the old district from this coastal lookout. Vacation packages to Cuba and Mexico original author and source of the article.