Exterior And Interior Houses Of Timber

More and more families wanting to solve their housing problem, choose suburban construction of small houses. It is very convenient compared to buying an apartment in the city. His own house has a large number of positive moments: a lack of neighbors, open space, the ability to erect additional buildings on the site. Needless to say, for another opportunity to do a barbecue near his home, many are willing to pay. But how to make money is not was excessive? There is a way – it's design and construction kottedzheykarkasnogo types of bars. And can be used as solid and laminated board. In the second case, the price will be slightly cheaper, and the sheer quality Construction will be canceled.

Many people prefer to build a house from a bar because of its rich appearance. However, for those who want to save, it is better to choose it for laminated veneer lumber and similar technologies. As known, the construction of such houses is carried out as soon as possible. Two-storey cottage with a garage will be erected in less than 2 months, and cope with this team of 5-6 people. Of course, such rapid installation time kottedzheyiz make construction lumber are very beneficial from an economic point of view. But when the construction of the box is completed, the customer question exterior and interior of the house. Log houses give more creative freedom in terms of finishing. The whole house is already built and ready to finish, weighs no more than twenty tons.