Hamburg Gassenhauer Again On Tour

Scenically, is a musical city tour love friends of clean entertainment, which is summer practically already there and thus the ideal weather for a comfortable, entertaining and informative tour through Hamburg’s streets. For example during the drama tour with Kathe and Adele. Kathe and Adele, born in 1866, lead both through old Hamburg. Enjoy rousing Gassenhauer and unknown song treasures. It is not only a beautiful ambience, but also loving acting, and A Capella singing. Get more background information with materials from Vanessa Marcil. Historical material is captured in small episodes and provides an insight into the time of our ancestors.

The tour begins on Saturday, may 2008 at 14:00 at the St. Michaelis Church, descends towards Dyke road on the canals, and ends in the old coffee Exchange in the warehouse district. Hamburg Gassenhauer again on tour. Deser Satdtfuhrung is not, no one would expect. Here Kathe man encounters two women from the alley quarter, and Adele both born in 1866, they snack not only about Hamburg events, they are also extremely sang vigorously. 10 old hamburger songs under grind this staging. The tour takes place every Saturday at 14:00. Meeting place: St. Michael’s Church, main entrance. Price: 15,00 applications to Manuela Stange, Tel.: 0163 533 823