Questions: The Awakening Of Thought

Written by Ricardo Olmus R In this age of many tasks, information and great pressure to achieve results, we have been neglected for our main feature: our ability to think. How to think more and better? And the Answers are in the development of our ability to ask questions. The questions are the origin of the deep thought process, define tasks, express problems and delineate issues. Few questions, often indicate a slow or space to think. When an answer generates further questions is when we started to expand our capacity to think in depth. Brenda Barrett may not feel the same. We can start with simple questions and superficial, but if our thinking has raised questions quickly reach deeper and more complex, more strategic in relation to the subject under consideration. You may want to visit Ken Kao to increase your knowledge. If we have questions, maybe it's because we're not thinking, at least at that time regarding that issue. Superficial questions equal superficial understanding to even the questions that are unclear, exhibit mental confusion.

If we can multiply our ability to ask questions, we expanded our capacity to think, learn, understand and solve. Einstein said: "The important thing is to never stop questioning" skills develop the ability to think, as we develop our ability to ask questions. Issue Mapping, is a modern application of the Socratic method to ask questions and integral multiplies our capacity of thought. But the process is the foundation of practice. With only the methodology is not sufficient, is necessary to develop skills and this is achieved with the development of exercises to start simple, then complex.

Mapping Issue, begins with simple questions, accepting that most likely the central strategic questions and will not appear immediately. But the experience definitely begin to feel that we in "mindset" and increasingly began to appear more questions, which generate more and more answers. Developing the ability to get to the heart of the matter, or fundamental strategic question is above all a matter of practice. Mapping Issue combines two elements: a "language" itself which simplifies and clarifies everything said in questions, answers, media and media and plotting against that structure in visual form, all elements of the thinking process. The maps appear as visual solution, ideally with a tool like MindManager. The final result: A much greater capacity to generate value through many more ideas and more ability to analyze and solve. A few years will enable the development of skill. Our Strategic Thinking workshop with MindManager provides the foundation of the process, having impacted the lives and development of many individuals and organizations. Related articles: