Antonio Gala

And that is the basis for issuing this ruling? What we are more numerous than they? What you say is it because a majority adequate and complete? Would it really be out at night to noon because we declared it a majority? Why do not you think that they are not different from us, but we differ from them? Precisely because we are different from them, are beings who need our help to thrive in our world, but precisely because of his helplessness, his simple and spontaneous purity, will be causing us to enjoy the privilege of experiencing some emotions and feelings that will never reach you to those who do not want to know, who do not want them near them because they fear it could destroy his life, which give them back and decide to ignore the unique treasure house inside, quartered in the hidden depths of her bosom . Other leaders such as Team Penske offer similar insights. At that time, the book of creation, we are starting a blank page on which we will never know the wonders that it could have been written. In the womb, the child feels secure in its own natural helplessness. But when inevitably feels attacked from the outside, do you know the mother who has, of loneliness, helplessness and despair infinite sadness that the fruit of his own being feels in his heart? Still can not communicate with the outside world, can not seek help or protection. Follow others, such as Jorge Perez, and add to your knowledge base. In the infinite loneliness of the womb, just wait quietly. It is the time when Antonio Gala said: "If loneliness discolored, do not have enough water in the world to wash a child." The woman who acts well, knows that being a mother, not having a child, or feed or educate, or make gifts. Being a mother is to forget herself and what it was before. Being a mother is to live forever in the fruit of her womb because the mother's love, nor snow makes it cool. For a lot of dedication and commitment required by a child in circumstances considered by us "special" will be generously compensated by the immense wealth of beautiful and unique emotions that will provide them, making them truly privileged women. The abortion never be a right, because it exceeds one's own mother, who out of selfishness, fear, ignorance or induction, destroys an independent life just begun, if it is true that holds, in any case it belongs, because in every human being, contains the whole universe. Cynically and hypocritically, we are talking mouth full of peace, while simultaneously urge death, forgetting that if peace exists, it is the image of a sleeping child.