Give Joy And Growth!

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2011: Year Of The Metal Rabbit – Chinese Astrology

(Onli – Outlook according to Chinese Astrology 2011 is the year of the metal rabbit. It begins on February 3rd, 2011 according to the Chinese lunar calendar and replaces the year of the metal Tiger. Thus, every year is characterized by two elements that occur only once every 60 years in their respective combination. In 2011 the elements are yin metal and the zodiac sign of the rabbit, which yin wood embodies the element. The rabbit yin wood the element yin wood represents the late spring, when everything is in bloom. After the turbulent year of the Tiger, it is now quieter. The rabbit is a peaceful character that stands for harmony, serenity and gentleness. Maintaining interpersonal relations and an open and constructive approach are characteristic for the rabbit. Enjoy a relaxing time with friends and family! Teamwork, partnerships and networks are now available under a lucky star. Questions of social coexistence and the call for reform will move more to the fore. Da yin wood also for youth, activity and movement is, be it mainly young people, demanding reform and change. Because the rabbit in the Chinese embodies the so-called peach blossom or even flower of romance, love, romance and erotic coming this year not too short; in particular for all Tiger, horses, rabbits, dogs, and rats. This promises a social year and therefore opportunities to meet an associate partner for a new relationship. (see. S. 2) Affairs and scandals will provide entertainment and good conditions give the print media. He belongs to the which is a symbol of romance and erotic. is wood the season of Yang when the total nature is on the move, and shoot up all the plants through the Earth. I the year element Yin metal the metal character means gold and is also the symbol of money representing element metal focus, discipline and structure and organizational talent.