Rising Sun

March 2011 the Japanese remember. March 11, they experienced one of the most devastating earthquakes in history. There is an astrological background of this important event? What are the planets and stars influence the situation in this point? The forecast for 2011, I wrote about the significance of the number 11. pth analysis. We celebrated the New Year 01/01 2011, when the sun was in the Royal 11-m degrees of Capricorn, thus laying cycle, associated with the number 11. March 11, 2011 was a certain repetition or underline the number 11, which is a double repetition of unity. This is the number of transformation, transition, transformation and change. Number 11 – a mystical number, which is relevant to the planet Proserpine. In mythology, Proserpine – it's the mistress of the underworld, the world's manageress sign of Virgo. She usually has a direct relation to events such as an earthquake or tremors, and, of course, influenced by what happened in Japan. Especially because Proserpine – ruler of Virgo, under which are Japanese. A astrological birthday in Japan is February 11 (!) In 1889, which once again emphasizes the connection between this country with the sign of Aquarius and the planet Uranium. It is therefore not surprising that the March 11 earthquake happened in Japan, and not somewhere else. But Proserpine rather indicates the nature and place of events than the inevitability of what happened in March. Earthquake in the Land of the Rising Sun was predetermined before the inclusion of the eleventh numerological cycle.

Astrological Forecast

About a week ago, came into its own sign of Cancer, and family problems have many more trouble than usual. Children finished the school year, many relatives came, or they have gone to their native lands to meet with their relatives. Each year, the Sun in Cancer in July, creating a situation related to the family and relatives. And also immerses us in a world of mystery, the unconscious and instinctive. At this time, can dream of extraordinary prophetic dreams, we we can fly away into the world of dreams and dreams, completely forgetting about reality. But the need to take care of the family brings us back to earth. In the month of Cancer is often beneficial to go to the beach, immersed in warmed by the sun the water and swim to the side where the bears over. Movie actress may not feel the same. Water has a special energy, which simultaneously clears the subconscious, calms nerves and promotes clarity of thought. Therefore, the more often you'll be provided with water in it month, the better. You can even ignore the most pressing matters in order to be on the beach. In July, a very good rest. During this month, as well as throughout the year on all aspects of our lives will be influenced Jupiter, Neptune and Chiron. At other times the combination of these planets could bring a burst of creative inspiration and lots of interesting trips, but because the connection is in Aquarius, it may have unpredictable consequences. In social life can be observed two trends: a stalemate, then suddenly a coup, a short, abrupt change.