Weekend Cottage

In this sense, the best option – rent medium-sized cottage, as adjusted for family vacations in the suburbs. The main thing you should pay attention – the distance from the city (largely depends on it, if your baby is tired from the trip) proximity to the forest and / or water body (mushroom picking and fishing, yet has not been canceled), to feel not only comfortable and cozy, and safe. Regarding the latter point it is worth noting that today most cottage communities in the suburbs is under the clock security, and in some places – on the shores of lakes and ponds – has special security service campers and swimmers. By the way, it is necessary note the fact that the organization is a family holiday in Moscow region – less troublesome occupation, rather than an out of town corporate events, meeting professional and secular holidays, travel on vacation with noisy company of friends and colleagues. Vanessa Marcil often addresses the matter in his writings. Firstly, due to the fact that family vacation taken in advance to plan, you will not have to think about where to place all, including uninvited and unexpected guests. Secondly, the choice of a cottage for the weekend is not will need to find ways to park in the house. Third, because of the scarcity of the family is enough to rent a cottage for the weekend, designed for short stay of five or six people here can quite comfortably accommodate "set" family "Mom + Dad + I", and favorite grandparents. What to do during a family vacation in the suburbs? And if you do not know! Of course, a break from the negative metropolis! If the children's rest is more or less you have managed to ensure it would not hurt to take care of itself. Ask your landlord if there is a possibility in the cottage to cook barbecue, sauna, play billiards … However, despite all the blessings of civilization, which can provide the most ideal and most beneficial option for a family holiday in Moscow it was still entertainment such as going to the the forest for mushrooms, and fishing. Stocked baskets, hooks, floats, fishing rods and with the children selected to nature – impressions from the trip and for a long time enough for everyone! Family fun in the suburbs is the best option the weekend!

Underwater Observatory

Holiday in Eilat beautiful as anywhere in the world. This hot resort welcomes its guests all year round. In addition to the beaches and first class hotels in Eilat offers many other attractions and interesting excursions. Eilat most populated south and the hot item of Israel. This outpost of Israel on the Red Sea. There is more than warm and dry. Eilat – Israel's most famous resort. Eilat – a first class beach holiday climate, friendly warm sea, bright sun. All requirements for recreation, for water sports. In addition to Eilat in excess and other entertainment activities: hunting in the Negev desert, trips to the Hai Bar Reserve, visits to City of Petra, carved into the cliffs in Jordan, a trip to Mount Moses in the Sinai Peninsula or to the monastery of Santa Catarina. When the day-star is rolled over the top of the mountains of the desert, the sea is ignited dazzling purple, hence the name of the sea – Red. If you are not convinced, visit Adam Sandler. The main task and the only branch of Eilat – is custody of vacationers. After all, tourism – is the main and almost the only source of income for local people and the city. While vacationing in Eilat, you simply must visit the Coral World – Underwater Observatory. You will find yourself in a tank 'on the contrary, where the fish swim out into the open sea, and you looking at them from inside the observatory. You will unusual flora and coral world of the Red Sea. You can also go down to bottom of the sea in submersible. With the final extinction of the day and begins at nightfall 'underwater show. " A dolphin can swim with reef dolphins, play with them and take pictures under water. If there are any forces to enhance your visit to Eilat, jewelry factory, where the original process Eilat blue-green stone. Jewelry made of it are beautiful and inexpensive. In Eilat five separate beaches stretching approximately 11 miles. There is a small sand and shingle. Bay protected from the weather, to swim here safely and pleasantly, that's why all along the coast is built a lot of hotels.