Estate Czech Republic

A very topical issue in Europe is the construction of low-energy properties. The cost of utilities and services for repair and maintenance utilities are constantly raised and discussed in the Czech Republic. Construction companies engaged in active development and the provision of advanced materials for the construction of low-energy real estate since the early 80's offer construction of houses and apartments, of which energy consumption is only 30% of the consumption of identical dimensions and volume of real estate. Czech real estate market is not lagging behind in this regard, and there are a number of Companies offering these services in the Czech Republic. Real Estate Czech Republic in early 2009 is undergoing a period of stagnation in prices for new homes and rented second homes on the market. The reason for this was the world economic crisis. Czech real estate, built from low-energy-saving materials, of course, do not bypass the decline in prices throughout the Czech real estate market. A simple layman has wrong idea about the name of low-energy property and people think that this estate was built from the second class of substandard materials and hence the name, and property values lower. This is fundamentally incorrect assumption. Low-energy properties in the Czech Republic as in other and in any other country in Europe is constructed from high-tech and environmentally friendly building materials. The cost of real estate in Czech low-energy objects are usually exceeds the cost of conventional real estate at 10-15% depending on whether it offers a construction company.

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