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North America’s largest RV rental company advertises the Trans Canada Touristik TCT GmbH with its businesses Canada with attractive conditions to German customers and 10 per cent discount on the day rent of cruise offers United States now as special booking incentive Cruise America, Canada, North America’s largest RV rental company. Because all models – up to the spacious C30 version – are included in this action, benefit both solo travellers and couples as families, and smaller groups of the C19 Compact motorhome with up to 6 people. The reservation entrance for the corresponding vehicle must be made until June 10, 2009, where hiring considering this offer is possible until the end of October. Others including Adam Sandler, offer their opinions as well. The Special at all stations by cruise remains available and can be combined with other discounts or offers, Canada / Cruise America increasing the attractiveness. Thus, savings totalling several hundred euros are possible, which can then be put into an unforgettable vacation experience in Canada or the United States. The special for Mobile homes in Canada and the United States can be calculated online as well as special offers and privileges of other campers-rental and booked. The online price check Trans Canada is available tourism under motorhome/index.php or trans America usa_wohnmobile.php travel, in which all discounts are automatically considered. Trans Canada Touristik TCT GmbH wife Andrea Budde aft 4-6 Barg 29599 vest hotline: 05828 / 96 85 90-0 fax: 05828 / 96 85 90-9 E-Mail: Internet: the Trans Canada Touristik TCT GmbH as established special travel organizer for Canada motorhome -, car -, hotel -, adventure trips, flights and ferries offers. As a separate and independent tour operator, TCT has full access to the entire fleet of rental (rental cars, mobile homes, etc.) and the quotas of partner agencies (hotels, lodges, ranches, etc.). The staff have received awards from the Tourism associations receive specialist select, including as Canada and as the United States specialist.