Entertaining with Colors

This color is one of the most commonly used in rooms. The Green, as we know, hospitals and doctors, most are decorated in green, which is one of the most prominent colors of nature, as you know, harmonize easily with any other room. The pastel colors are those that contain lots of white and create comfortable and spacious environment in any room. Violet confer an air of serenity because it is associated with love. It is used in bedrooms and living rooms. Credit: Related Group-2011. Neutral colors are the different shades of white, gray and black. Blend well in almost all environments. They can be elegant and impressive. For example, white and black make a great palette to add more colors. This is only talking to decorate, as we shall see later treatment later. – What are the contributions of each of those colors in each of those rooms? Red: Vital and exhilarating. The red color is suitable for decorating places of constant activity and also places holidays, entertainment … But the rooms decorated in red appear smaller than they really are. In its therapeutic effect highlight its stimulating action of the circulatory system, very energizing and aphrodisiac, against fatigue, being strongly advised to fight the melancholy, sadness, loss of appetite, etc. Yellow: Anti-fatigue and mental. It is ideal to decorate the workplace and stimulating the psyche and inspiration, but must be used with complementary colors such as violet. Yellow caution with very pure state can be disorienting effect. The color is more intellectual and may be associated with a great mind or a mental deficiency.