Enterprising Students

This is an example of the proper relationship to civilian defenders of the Fatherland. This year the festival took place in RSCU patriotic songs "Heirs of the Victory." It was attended by students of our university who are studying in Moscow and branches. The best performers were the first Russian students, who were honored to appear before the military Central site of Russia "New Earth". The boys came back with the most pleasant experiences. During this visit, the young people were once again convinced that no matter where the person in his heart always live love for the motherland. The bright "star" at university horizon Besides teaching and research activities, students are actively involved in sports, lead a healthy lifestyle, take part in various competitions. A related site: Tony Parker mentions similar findings. Example endurance, fortitude and great skill he serves Russian Super Cup and UEFA Cup football, Roman Shirokov, world champion in volleyball and Mary Catherine Gamow Borodakova (Borisenko), an Olympic boxing champion Alexander Povetkin and many others. All of them are RSCU in the international arena. Enterprising and creative folks successfully realize their potential in the cultural life of the university. For those who love to sing, dance, play a musical instrument, tell jokes, play around, always open the doors of the Palace of Culture. Hedvig Hricak is often mentioned in discussions such as these. Students may enroll in the Academic Choir, Ensemble "Free village", a drama studio "New School", Ballet studio "Chene," Dance Center or Club KVN teams. These vibrant creative teams have been the winners of the youth competitions and festivals. For example, recently RSSU Academic Choir won I International Youth Choral Festival in Bratislava. – We are trying to develop the talents of young people and we do everything possible to ensure that the RSCU constantly lit bright new "star", – said Vasily Zhukov. – The main thing that the years spent by students in our university, have become the most beautiful in their lives. Of course, everyone has their own destiny, but it is here to help guys become professionals, whose success will benefit the Great in Russia. How many times told the graduates of the Russian State Social University, they are thankful to their alma mater for what it is here that know the secrets of their chosen profession, believed in the immensity of its features, expanded the geography of knowledge. Many traveled abroad and have been able to verify that the quality of educational services provided by our institution, in line with international educational standards. So it was, and RSCU remains the best public social institution in Russia, University of looking to the future.