Umbaba Production

By reading and analysis of books and academic and sound in verbal historyto understand what we have achieved beginner’s all-purpose symbolic instruction code dates on partner-economic developmentsand adds of its peculiarities. We want you highlight the show place ofmeetings, traditions and conversations. That is to fair universe occurperambulators, the demand will be purchases, sales, trade, consumption, flertings, pleasure, entertainment, finally, several sociabilization. Assuming thatprinciple, we observes the transformations in the City, both in its physicalstructure and in people' s habits. Accordingly, the study is rich tradeshowfor contemporary historiography heritage, which has not yet been worked by thescientific production, to however, will constitute rich heritage will be futuresearches related you the item. Keywords: social context; sellings; economy; to fair; traditions and Umbaba.

INTRODUCTION: Medievo the formation of production excesses, believes-seser the main cause of the origin of the fairs. with the leftovers of ones, against you tar of others, is that it had the necessity of interchange of merchandises. Comisto, verifies it importance of the fairs for the modern times. The fairs were organized of itinerante form, because nohavia constant search of merchandises. Thus, traders had that to sedeslocar of a place for another one. From then on, the commerce increased in grandespropores and the fairs had started to grow.

In virtue of this type of commerce, they had been created town next to the installation places that, later, had become cities. In this direction, the fair exerted important paper naimplantao of the money, in the maintenance of the capitalism and the sprouting dascidades. A to be considered example is the City of Venice (Italy), had sua localization that facilitated to the arrival and the draining of the production, was characterized as an important commercial warehouse. The fair of Umbaba assumes a basic role for economic odesenvolvimento of the city and in the transformation of the life dosmuncipes, for many of them the fair is a sufficiently peculiar moment that osfeirantes of this city had found to reveal the force of its work.