Vocational Guidance

MAIN features of the orientation professional and his CONCEPTUALIZATION current the vocational guidance, very frequently, encorsetada under a proposition eminently practice where the development of curriculum and instruction on how to make interviews, or decision-making on the people served occupational goal and realization of training, induces sometimes a boring myopia on the work of the counselor. The daily work of the orientation is made difficult because practitioners must cope and give answers to demands coming from different parties; multiplicity of responses which makes it impossible to stop thinking towards where addressed by our performance and what are the premises that must start this type of guiding actions. On the one hand, we are frequently subject to the requirement of public administration, financier fundamental, to mark targets generally profitable from the point of view of public opinion and the periodic political vote count. On the other hand side, not must ignore the entity from which we work that we are going to sue a series of tasks and ways of doing on a few objectives of employment that are explained in the different programmes from which our action fits. However, these are not the unique demands from which we are forced to give answers and submit our action. Our actions must also give answer on the basis of a set of resources not organized, chaotic, with lack of networks to allow the people served to use rationally according to their interests and needs. All this without forgetting the requirement which is given by the demand of the person ahead, demand surely wrapped occasionally on a mantle of urgency and anguish, because his situation thus defines it. However, these are not the demands that more may deform our performance. The most severe of all is that is given by our own omnipotence as counsellors, omnipotence from which we want to be craftsmen and possessors of answers that Troubleshoot problems and conflict situations that are presented to us.