Bruce Springsteen

Springsteen Bruce Frederick Joseph, born in New Jersey September 23, 1949. Much impressed by the performance of Elvis Presley Bruce, after which he wanted to go the same way. As part of various groups began performing in 1965 as a guitarist, singer and songwriter. The repertoire was typical for that time – mostly perepevki fashion then the Beatles, and something of his own. The boys from ordinary families who experience a constant need, looking for a rock 'n' roll out of the miserable existence of their families. Everyone wanted to become famous through music and become a millionaire.

Of all the luck sversnikov contributed only Springsteen. Alone, Bruce began to appear in the late '60s, performing under the folky guitar repertoire. His charismatic personality could not be better in tune with the songs, which made itself felt. The first contract was signed with Springsteen in 1972, 'Columbia'. Debut in January 1973 release album 'Greetings From Asbury Park, NJ'.

She got quite good marks in music, emphasizing the similarity with the songs of Bob Dylan. Released after second plate has not moved off dead center position. That all changed after a Springsteen's concert, attended by journalist Jon Landau. Landau became the manager of Springsteen's, seeing in him the future of rock 'n' roll. Breakthrough was the album 'Born to Run'. Hits 'Jungleland' and 'Thunder Road' with this album, Springsteen made a 'star'. Trendy prints on their oblazhkah have put his photo. Beginning in the second half of the 70s was the rise in popularity of Springsteen. His songs are performed by 'Manfred Mann's Earth Band', Patti Smith and 'Pointer Sisters'. But so far none of the song and did not reach top ten national charts. 1980 corrected this situation, when the song 'Hungry Heart' from the album 'The River' has reached the top 10. Springsteen's world fame was not far off. But once Bruce felt the falseness of some of their songs. As a native of an ordinary family, he no longer fit the image of a simple guy from a working environment with a big heart and skillful hands. His life is secured with real estate and vehicles in sharp contrast with the fact that he played. This elusive earlier so struck by the difference of Springsteen that he will second thoughts about his future life. Mentally immersed in his past, he comparing himself 'then' and 'present', began recording in home studio, some sketches. Prolonged seclusion led to record 'Nebraska', which was released in 1982. It had no commercial success at a great influence on future artists indie-rock. The album was dedicated to the work of the American population. 1984, with the release of records 'Born In The USA', became Sprigstina top creative success. In America alone has sold 15 million copies. Bruce at the time walked around with his popular teams such as the Beatles, Rolling Stones and U2. It Springsteen has allowed two years to tour with this concert. That's when there was total acceptance of Springsteen as a rock musician, and colleagues gave him the apt nickname "Boss."