From Dreamball Deftaudio

DreamBall – percussion musical instrument that is the authoring studio participants Deftaudio. DreamBall is a ball of metal alloy with plating. In the upper part there are slits in the form of petals, when you hit that extracted audio. Served as a prototype for DreamBall tool called Tongue Drum – wooden drum. DreamBall can exist in multiple keys, which certainly is an undeniable advantage over the other tools of this type, since these options meet the needs of the music of almost any direction.

DreamBall sound depends largely on how the games on it – the hand, fingers, and special sticks – and the force of impact, ranging from soft cradle, to the powerful, similar to thunder. Soon after the DreamBall was developed and released a new version of the tool, dubbed DreamBall Relax. The wall thickness of the new instrument is increased by 1.22 mm, and the useful volume is reduced by 7sm3, which significantly increased the level of natural compression of the ball inside. Thanks to the sound became more expressive, clear and loud. Also comes with DreamBall Relax special miniature built-in microphone that allows you to record sound and an additional tool to decorate a variety of effects.

DreamBall miniPre kit for dubbing tool on the stage and studio recording there DreamBall miniPre kit – kit from the microphone and preamplifier. The microphone is located inside the tool and becomes invisible and immune to the surrounding sound. Virtual DreamBall: For ease in getting acquainted with the sound of the instrument and its use in compositions, developed a virtual library in a format NI Kontakt. It contains samples of the three petals of C, E, F, of which formed the whole scale. About Deftaudio. Deftaudio – Workshop on development and production of unusual percussion and electronic musical instruments. These include models made with the use of sensory and contactless technology, as well as multi-touch surfaces. For complete information about Deftaudio please visit.